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writing of novels, fanfiction and books
Consider this an archive of written works. Namely, mine (moonofmorrigan, Morrigan, Lara Elaine Diamond). As such this means, only I can make posts. If I ever do a collaboration then of course that person will be allowed to post too until it's over. I will post fanfiction, original works and at times just little snippets of a something, or just an idea I want to throw out there. Some writings will contain adult themes. Some writings will contain homosexual themes. Everything will have tags. Comments are appreciated. Plagiarism is not. Therefore, all original works will be posted under a friends only lock. All fanfiction is open to the public. I got tired of having journals all over the place for this story, these types of stories, that type of fanfiction... etc. So eventually, all these places will be deleted, and this comm used exclusively for it.

This "community" is under construction right now while I back up the archives and also get the layout set up. If you have found this community at this time, then feel free to join.

Non-member Comments: You can post comments on my personal journal here - http://moonofmorrigan.livejournal.com/265655.html

Until it is up to it's vision please feel free to check out my archive journals.