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white fae

FF VII post - AC Fanfic: Redeemer 05

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.23 at 19:30
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Disclaimer: You know, repetition gets annoying after a while, and I'm running out of creative ways to say: I don't own the FF7 characters. I am not making money off of this. I don't have money, so suing is pointless.

Author's Note: Yeah, I said in my last chapter I wouldn't post any more author's notes, but since it's been almost 6 months since my last chapter, I feel I have the right to. XP Ok, why the delay? Ready for the excuses? Primarily, I suck. So does/did some things in my life. The writing front? I kind of lost touch with the story and needed to go back to my darker vampire stuff. Then for a while there I was so depressed I lost my writing mojo all together. :P I write via emotion and what my current main interest is. The emotions that propel this story are anger, darkness, sadness and desire to grasp for something more meaningful in life. I'm not saying that is what the theme of this story is... that is up to each individual to make out personally. But that is what drives me to continue it. So, my apologies if there is an inconsistency with the way the story is told.

And am I the only one who has noticed during the scene where Kadaj is turning kids into zombies with black water in the movie, that Yazoo was totally checking out Kadaj's butt at one point? Ahem... anyway.

Only real thing to note is that there is a lot of sensuality in this chapter. In fact the smut is the whole main thing in the chapter. Other than some other little details you may want to know. :P Many thanks to those who have commented and rated this story. You have my deepest gratitude! Enough chattering... onward.

Final Fantasy VII: Redeemer
Chapter Five: The brightest star is dying - The forgotten becomes the light

She sat on the bed quite properly looking around her at the nearly barren room. When you're raised with nothing, you get used to not having anything... and in turn swing two ways. You either cram your world full of things, or you keep going without. In a corner separated merely by a patch of tiling on the floor, there was a stove, refrigerator, and of course sink and cabinets with dishes neatly stacked inside which served as a kitchen. A single chair with a small circular table sat at it's center, and pots and pans to cook with. A computer sat on another small desk with a stool pushed under it with a pen holder and a stack of notepads next to a phone in a corner across from the bed in the main room near the window. A few books were stacked in a single pile next to it on the floor. There was a closed door that housed a small closet and a door that was slightly ajar which led to the bathroom off to their right. White curtains hung over the single window in the room. That was all that there was to be seen in this room. If she was to go into the bathroom she would not find very much either. Neatly stacked linens on a single shelf, a few hooks to hang towels on. A toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a hairbrush, and a shower behind glass doors in addition to the toilet and sink with their various supplies of soaps and paper. Each thing was kept unnaturally clean and polished... not because he minded dirt - he was just in the habit of it. For some reason it's stark cleanliness bothered him at the moment. He could tell she found it uncomfortable. Unnatural. Just like him. He did not however say anything, nor even sit down. He just stood motionless watching her look around nervously.

Finally, after several moments she turned to him and quietly asked, "So, I have an idea what you had on your mind when you brought me here. My question is, why do you want to sleep with me in particular?"

He couldn't help smirking. She wasn't foolish afterall. He walked over to her and sat down slowly beside her. "We seem to have a lot in common as far as our views on humanity goes. You're also... suffciently attractive."

"Suffeciently attractive? Please don't overwhelm me with your sweet nothings." she said with a hint of sarcasm. "Any other reasons for bringing me here?" she asked looking around her and wrinkling her nose for a moment at the almost hospital like atmosphere.

"Why do you look at me like you know me, or who I am? With fear and something else I can not figure out...? Not the usual fear you have. There is no resentment when you look at me... just something else I can not know."

She shifted and looked at him, then out the window as she spoke. "Because I know you're one of them. I also knew him as well."

"Him?" Yazoo asked suspiciously.

"Yes, him. Sephiroth. Your ever so charming father... or should I say DNA donor." She then looked him dead in the face, seriously, almost uncomfortably staring at him, "Which one are you? The 2nd or the 3rd one?"

The blood seemed to drain out of Yazoo's face. For a split second he didn't know what to do, how to react. It was something he was completely unaccustomed to. So, he sat there mute for several long moments before gathering some of his wits again to answer her. "I'm Yazoo... The second one. Why do you not believe I could be Loz... or just someone else?"

"I seen the fight between you and Reno... and Loz and Rude 5 years ago. I heard the conversations even from my window. Loz didn't seem emotionally or mentally stable enough to even think of a woman sexually. Not to say he was stupid or immature or anything. Just a different aspect of Sephiroth is all. You on the other hand..." she got up and walked to the window, looking out at the lit up world below, "you seemed more... like him." She seemed to be talking more to herself with the next statement as she wrapped her arms about herself as if trying to hold herself in a protective embrace, "Lord knows he loved the bedroom as much as he loved killing people."

Yazoo looked at her confused, even more suspicious than before. "How would you know?"

She turned around a little and gave him a pointed look. "I just do."

He understood that look and statement. No more questions for now. The subject was closed.

"So why did you come with me, knowing who - what I am?" Yazoo asked unable to keep himself from at least asking that.

She turned back to the scenery outside. "As you said, we have a similar view of humanity," she turned around with smirk on her face, "and you are also sufficiently attractive."

He let a small laugh escape his throat.

"There's just one thing that really bothers me."

He inclined his head to the side and waved a hand for her to go on.

"I know if you're like him, you have a plan. A clear objective" she turned around, and walked over to stand in front of him still holding herself in her self imposed embrace. He couldn't help the little bemused smile that came to his lips. "Is it the same thing? Destroy the world?"

"No," he looked down, the smile still planted upon his lips as he looked back up, noting she let her arms drop to her sides, "I merely want to have children."

"Ah, I see. If you can't stamp them out... you'll breed them out." Yazoo couldn't help noticing the accusation in the voice. A slight tremor of anger. He cleared the sudden frog that came into his throat with it. "I'm not a pleasure unit... nor a baby making machine. I left those mountains to escape that exploitation."

He held a hand up to tell her he wanted to speak. "So, it's true that you're Preegalinese?" She nodded and he got up to stand before her. She only came to his shoulders. He looked away then back, the smile still there as he cocked his head to the side as he looked at her. "I am not implying that you are a pleasure unit," he began to walk around her in a circle, like a stalking cat, "or a baby making machine. If I thought you were, I wouldn't be giving you a choice in the matter. It is true... your philosophy about breeding these disgusting creatures out. Or at least making them manageable for people like me and my brothers... and for people like you." He seen her look away at that with a blush, then look at him out of the corner of her eye. "Yes, I am asking you to bear me children," he raised a hand in emphasis pointing at her, "but no more children than you want to have or it is safe for you to bear. I am not asking for only sons. I want daughters and sons. But above all else, I need someone to show me how they should be raised. Not like we were." He stopped in front of her, putting his hands on her shoulders, and tilting her head up to look at him, "I don't want history to repeat itself with my children. Sephiroth is dead. I want him to stay that way." He spoke the last statement with more malice than he intended.

It made her give him a curious look. "What if I refuse?" she asked with a hint of suspicion.

"Then you're free to go. At any time."

She raised an eyebrow. "I'm not going to ask if you're crazy... I know that answer. But I am not sure I am totally wrapping myself around this concept. I think you are asking me to... in a weird loose sense of the term, to be your mate? But I can leave you at any time, and I don't even have to agree to do this in the first place... and you won't do anything to me."

He considered it for a moment, "Yes... I suppose I am."

He watched her brows come together in perplex ion and consideration. He turned and sat back down allowing her time. He promised himself no lies. No deceit. No violence. Yet the time it was taking her to consider this was nerve wrecking... he had placed so much emphasis on just getting to this point... He had never considered her rejecting it. He had no idea what he'd do if she did. There were other women who wanted to sleep with him, that he knew without a doubt, but none of them would want to... have a child like his would be.

"What if I can't have a child?" she asked after several long moments.

Another damn thing he never considered. "Then we'll have the pleasure of each others bodies and companionship. I can find another woman to have children if necessary."

"If you do then, what about me?"

"You'll still raise them." he was thinking it out as he went.

"What if I don't want to share you?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

An amused smile came to his lips, "You'll have to learn to like it."

"What if I want to sleep with someone else?" she asked. He could tell she was testing her ground, the boundaries and openness of this strange arrangement.

He cocked his head with a small chuckle, "Then I will have to learn to like it."

"Ahhh.." was her only reply as she walked back to the bed and sat down next to him. She regarded him for several moments. "Perhaps you're not as much like Sephiroth as I thought." She chuckled and looked away, "Sephiroth would be rolling over in his grave if he heard even half of this."

The observation gave him a surge of pleasure. It was the first time he was ever told he wasn't like him. The first time he could even completely assume this was all his plan. His desire. His revenge.

She leaned back resting her head and shoulders against the wall, staring at the ceiling as he regarded her with the same smile he used to hide his emotions behind every day since he was a child. "So, it's a bid to take over the world, huh? What kind of children will they be?"

He said nothing. He didn't even dare to move. He merely watched as he she went back and forth with things in her mind. Finally, after what seemed an eternity she looked back at him, leaning forward. "I don't want to hurt anyone. As much as I hate them. As much as they hate me, I don't want to hurt them. I don't want the world... I just want... But it's difficult to say no... to someone who you know understands this feeling they give you, even if you know full well all he wants is revenge."

Enough of this, Yazoo thought. He reached up and caressed her cheek with an awkward tenderness. A woman's skin was so soft. So smooth... He let his fingertips trace down her cheek, along her jawline, down her throat and up to her shoulder. He leaned closer seeing an unsure look in her eyes. He caressed her cheek with his own as he whispered into her ear, "Right now this is all I want." His hand tangled in her hair, his head turned to face her, seeing a startled expression her face, and pulled her forward to meet his lips with her own.

A familiar longing and tightness began to occur within him. A fire seemed to start blazing in his blood. Ah, yes... desire. The only thing sweeter than revenge. How he had missed it, he mused, as he suckled her lower lip, finally feeling her giving into the kiss and parting her mouth inviting him to explore her lower lip and mouth with his tongue. He felt his hands sliding down her back pulling her closer to him. He felt her arms encircling his neck. Finally, he released her mouth and open mouthed, closed eyed trailed down her neck with his lips and began kissing and licking at the base of her neck feeling her lean into it. Feeling her starting to push herself completely against him.

"Or maybe I just have a need to be a little wicked for my own revenge." she whispered, as his hands moved smoothly to her torso and up to cup her breasts, leaving her to gasp. He couldn't help smiling.

"You heard us during our fight with those morons?" Yazoo asked as he lay on his side facing her back, running a fingertip along her spine. She shivered at the delicate touch.

"Yes," she turned over on her back and looked at him, "Your fucking Neo Bahamut summon came close to frying my apartment building. Was one of the few buildings in the sector who didn't get hit by it's ray burst... or whatever in the hell that thing does."

His lips turned up at the sides, "My apologies."

"It's ok... I hated that complex anyway. Too many bugs. Ugliest brown carpet in the world. Anyway, I had enough sense to stay in my apartment while the rest of the idiot public decided to try and start a riot against you. Was stupid of them to begin with."

He chuckled. "That much confidence in what we were capable of?"

She turned away and with a half sarcastic, half exasperated tone answered, "Not exactly, no."

His eyes narrowed in confusion, as she looked back at him. "Look, you were 2 against... I don't know 100 to 300 people? If those people had wanted to take you out they could have, no matter how well trained you are. They just were too dumb to know it."

He scoffed in disbelief, "Them?"

She laughed at him in amazement, "You're not immortal you know. Geez, you really are one of Sephiroth's children." He couldn't help letting out a low growl at that statement. He turned on his back and stared at the ceiling with a scowl on his face. It always came back to Sephiroth. Fucking bastard. "I just mean you still bleed don't you? You can always be hurt or killed if you bleed." She spoke it softly, she must have noticed the dark look on his face. He looked back at her unable to keep the darkness out of his eyes. She looked away for a moment. Seeming to want to avoid the penetrating look his eyes, unhidden by the contacts now, gave. She looked back up with a half smile, "You really hate him, don't you? Almost more than you hate... the humans."

It was his turn to look away... uncomfortable. How can she tell? He hid his emotions so well, at all times practically to a point that even when Kadaj was around, he couldn't tell what he was thinking or feeling. How can she possibly know that? He looked back with a small jump when he felt her hand on his cheek. "You may have some of his traits. You may even look a little like him. But you're not him. It's nothing more than like when a father passes some traits to a son. That's about all there is."

"You don't understand." he said beginning to turn over. Problem was, that she did seem to understand to an extent. It was unnerving.

"Then help me try to." she whispered against his back. He felt a gentle touch on his arm. Could he explain it? Can he say it without emotion? The weakness of humanity was emotion. He often wondered why, if he wasn't human, why he still had emotions. Why...? He couldn't help inclining his head a little when he felt her beginning to trace some of the scars on his back with her fingers. That also made him uncomfortable. She could tell there were imperfections on his skin.

Perhaps he should try... this one time? Let down the guard, just once. Afterall, he knew he had to give something more of himself when he went into this plot. He knew women needed to know - not just believe that they're not being thrust from their lover's attentions. He knew to make it work... understanding and a common need to know your lover was needed. He knew, somehow he longed for that too. But the recognition of that was long buried with the feelings he had when he was child and longed for the comfort of an absent mother.

"Do you know what it is like to live in the shadow of a person like that? So brilliant. So, well trained. So... skilled and perfect in everything he did and would do? To constantly hear and feel him inside you? Running but you can't hide from this burning in your veins you know you have thanks to him? To know you were never better than him... never even close to adding up to his skill? To be tortured and..." he had to stop himself, he was giving into the emotions to deeply, letting them flow too freely. He took a breath and finished, "mutilated because you're something less than human. To keep having his things thrust on you. Knowing that every step you take... people think of him. Not you. To know because of him, things were done to you that should never been. Because of him, you exist... motherless, powerless, unwanted... and alone."

He heard her sigh. He was breathing heavy. Anger, resentment... sadness was washing over him. Flowing as freely as the Lifestream. He felt a small kiss on his shoulder blade. "Yes, I know some of those things. Perhaps not the way you do. But I have had similar experiences. But I can tell you this: You had a mother once, they have to wrap the DNA to fresh sample. So, there is no way you could ever be totally like him. But why would you want to be, if he was the reason for all of that? And he was - to an extent. But you're also human. Sephiroth was once a human. He was just bombarded with Jenova's cells. She was not his mother. She was the catalyst for what he would become is all." She ran a hand delicately over a patch of criss-crossing scars on his back that he received when Kadaj had been in a particularly nasty mood one night, as he couldn't help the startled look on his face. Glad she didn't see it. Human? He had human blood? "I know it must be frustrating." He felt her brush her cheek and lips on his back as she drew closer to him. Held him tighter about the waist. The affection was becoming a craving to him... one he needed to get a grip on. "All your life you have lived with his used things. His cells. His training rooms. His very life path, and now his woman." He turned slightly toward her.

He knew from the signs earlier this night she had been with Sephiroth. He didn't know how, when or why... just for some reason, that part didn't bother him so much as everything else. Or it just didn't completely sink in until this moment. He turned over to face her. She was looking down, staring into an unknown void. He grabbed her hand. Bringing her eyes to meet his. "I can't give you back the things you should have had. But I can at least try to make you understand - there is one thing you may or may not know you have that wasn't his. You are an Ancient. Sephiroth wasn't a real one. Maybe that's the reason why the Planet doesn't seem to be... unreasonable about your plan. Sephiroth wanted to destroy life. You just want to rule over it."

"In case you have forgotten, I've killed people. I will still kill people if they get in my way." he said sternly, carefully watching her reactions. Her expression didn't change.

"I know. But you have a capacity to... love. Sephiroth didn't have that. His genes were too polluted and his mind too warped for that. Well, you know what they say, sins of the mother take root in the children they bear."

"I don't love anything or anyone." he snapped at her.

"You loved your brothers, didn't you?"

He knew a look like a startled deer in the headlights of a car was written on his face. "That wasn't love. That was survival." He turned over to face the ceiling again, still holding her hand. There was silence for a few moments as he could tell she was still looking at him. His mind was working overtime. He was unconsciously squeezing her hand tighter with each racing thought. Finally, she wiggled her hand free, when the pressure began to become painful without a word and lay it on top of his hand instead. He turned over on his side to face her. "What did you mean by I am now using his woman?"

She looked away, and then turned over facing the ceiling herself this time, "Surly you've already guessed that... I've been with him." He nodded and made a sound of acknowledgment, knowing his guess was now right. "It is customary in our... culture for a girl of 15 to lose her virginity to the most thriving... male in the tribe. Only then can her inner eye be awakened. I was lucky enough to turn 15 when Sephiroth visited our village. There were two others... but he liked me for some reason. They had the ceremony. That's usually the end of it. But not that time. They decided it would be best to give him... a gift. I was that gift. And for 5 years I was Sephiroth's whore, while the tribe did nothing even when he... hurt me."

She turned to look at him, and gave him the smile he often hid behind. He returned it. So they both had Sephiroth baggage. Lovely little thing to bring into a relationship. "Why do you say you were his whore? Didn't that make you his wife?"

"It was never recognized through ceremony. I was expendable anyway to the tribe, being only a half-breed. My father was from Midgar. My mother a Preelingular. He brought me here to save me from the tribe's... customs and censorship when he found out about it. So, you see... same spiral of fate." a touch of irony was in her voice.

"What happened to your father?"

"He... died. When the plate fell."

"Your mother?"

"Dead... killed by Sephiroth." An ironic smile twisted her features.

Why did she come here with him then? Or was this a bondage of hatred? "How is what we're doing any different than what your tribe made you do?" he asked, unable to keep the accusation out of his voice.

The smile left her face and she looked down and up, "I came to you willingly. I am giving myself to you because I want to. Even if I never fought him when he took his pleasure from me, it was never because I wanted him to. Everytime he took me into his arms I cursed him. When he was so careful and gentle in his love making I hated him more for it. It was worse to me than when he was rough and carnal, leaving bruises and bloody bite marks all over my body. So I guess you should know, every time I will make love to you, it will be my own revenge against his spirit. I am willingly giving myself to you, just as I never did to him."

"You hate him that much?" Yazoo asked unable to keep the pleasure out of his voice.

"Of course." she said with finality.

He chuckled and turned on his back again. It was ok to him if that was her revenge. He knew if he had been under normal circumstances, he'd resent it. But he couldn't... because now he knew her revenge was almost a partner to his own. Making love to her would be an even sweeter pleasure. She had belonged to Sephiroth by the tribe's making. Now she belonged to him of her own. Yes, her revenge was fine to him. He would make him - Sephiroth, just a memory. The thing Sephiroth hated and feared the most. He felt her wrap herself around him, and a hand go beneath the covers claiming him as he gasped in surprise and the sudden surge of pleasure. "Though I will admit this is one thing you definitely do better than he did." He closed his eyes as she continued rubbing him, letting out a purry sound finally. She, to his regret, stopped and slid her hand back up turning his face to her. He opened his eyes. "Do you want to prove you do it better than him again?"

There was a feeling of triumph which he could not control pounding through his blood as much as lust was at that moment as he gathered her in his arms and rolled on top of her. Finally, I bested you Sephiroth, and now your woman and the children you could have had will be mine. Then so will this world - in time. I've beaten you. I've beaten you, you son of a bitch.

[Extended Author's Note(s): CHAPTER NOR THE STORY IS FINISHED YET. I just wanted to post it so folks knew I wasn't giving up on it or anything.]

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