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white fae

FF VII post - AC Fanfic: Redeemer 04

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.23 at 19:26
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Author's Note: I'm afraid this will be the last chapter to be insanely short. Too much material to cover in too little space now. :P Anyway, I have updated the first chapter's author's notes with the pairings for this story. My apologies to everyone. I think I've been writing original fiction for so long that I had forgotten how in fanfiction, people prefer to know what kinds of pairings they're dealing with, especially if there is an OFC being dealt with here. This will probably be the last time there will be author's notes on this story. So, here are warnings: sex, drama, mild violence, language, OOC-ness and reincarnation are within. This story is weirdly going to center more around Kadaj than anything else. My sincere thanks to those who have reviewed, and will in the future. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. For those that stick with it, I'll appreciate knowing your thoughts. ^^

Final Fantasy VII: Redeemer
Chapter Four: But the one who also sees - Makes out the meaning of the signs

He had awakened with a start. He remembered seeing a child in the dream. He seen a place where the green mountains and forests met, but a desert lay on the other side. He seen shooting stars and mirrors. There was a woman, but he couldn't recall her face. That was what troubled him most of all.

He lay for a moment waiting for the dream to fade into the mists on his subconscious. All knowledge within it fading to black. But it did not - he couldn't let it go. If he could let it go, he'd know it was just a normal dream. If not, he knew there was something in it that would really happen. As he got ready for work he thought about it more and more. Never had a dream like this been so vague to him.

At work he went through the motions continuously trying to remember it. It was aggravating him that it was just beyond his grasp. He could remember so many things, but not this. Why did it seem so important to him he also could not figure out. By the time it came to go to lunch, his brooding started to show in the form of snapping at others and just being generally unpleasant. By that time, they had actually asked him to go home for the day. He knew when he was like that, he had the same presence as Sephiroth. That ever present ghost of the past. The knowledge served to irritate him further and he obliged them. However, once he had gathered his things and stepped outside, he felt tired once more. So, tired. But yet he was hungry, and unsettled.

He decided on a brief lunch in a shop where the TV was always blaring. Nothing like a good news report or random show to pound in your ears to keep most other thoughts out. He needed the numbness to gather his senses. He walked in and the heavy aroma of tobacco and food was in the air. The smoke was always choking but unavoidable. The news was on at this hour, showing fires and talking Shin-ra to the heavens.

He sat down at a table and ordered his meal, then settled in to just focus on the new report. Anything to avoid the images from his mind's inner eye. It was about ten minutes later when a report came on that caught his attention most of all.

"In other news, Shin-ra reports that they are currently looking into the origins of the Preegalinar, a race said to still be concealed in the remote area of Cosmos Canyon. While they declined to say why they are attempting to trace them, they have stated that they do feel it will be, in time be a great benefit for all of us. That always sounds good doesn't it?" ended the woman with an overly chippery voice and the camera then went over to a man.

He nodded, and with a planted smile on his face continued, "Indeed it does. Speaking of the Preegalinar, the outer government has sent in troops to an area where a band of them is said to be located. They say they have traced several terrorist incidents in the Golden Saucer area back to them. While the Preegalinar that were captured and allowed to be questioned by our news force, many of the Preegaliese were killed in the raid. The person who gave commentary said that they will deny all charges as they are, by all reason, a peace loving people. Well," he tapped his cue cards on the desk in front of him, "let's hope that's true. And now I think we'd like to know about the weather..."

"Bloody Preeks! They should just take the whole lot of them out. Filthy, backstabbing savages. All of them!" exclaimed a customer at the bar to those around him. Many seemed to agree with him.

Yazoo raised his eyebrows at this. Preegalinar? Why did the name seem familiar? Yet he could not conjure up a complete image of them. It was at this thought that the waitress brought him his food, which he ate absent mindedly. Somehow the numbness that was setting in wore off with this. Something in it brought more images back to him mind. Mirrors, a child laughing and a knife raised over the belly of a pregnant woman. Blood flowing on his white clothes. A child's laugh. He shivered, and just as she came back to see how the food was, he brought himself to ask, "Excuse me."

"Yes, sir?" smiled a bright eyed, brown haired woman.

"Forgive my ignorance, but I've been away for such a long time, working.. in an isolated spot. Pray tell me, who are these Preegalinar?"

Her face lost it's smile and a look of total disgust was on her face, "You must have been very isolated from society not to know that sir! The whole lot of them are nothing but a bunch of witches and savages. It's thanks to them that Sephiroth was able to get as close as he did to his goals. Hiding him out for all those years. Didn't know there were any of them left until Shin-ra came back again. Flushed them out in the open. That's about all I can tell you, but I think it's definitely enough!" She gave him a weak smile and walked off before he could ask any more questions.

After he had eaten he made his way home. Ever since his run in with that red caped man, Yazoo found himself staring at the tops or buildings or peering into the shadows to see if he was being watched. Yet somehow he knew that just like him, that person could avoid being seen if he wished. He would only find him if he wanted to be found. When he reached his apartment he washed up again. He felt strangely gritty for some reason, and also could not stand the smell of the smoke on his skin and clothes. When done he settled in to his bed once more. It seemed as though all the strength he had left him. It felt so cold for some reason, despite the hot air outside.

What exactly was his goal in this revenge? Wasn't this ambition of his right up the lines with Sephiroth? Sephiroth wanted to be a god. Maybe this plot of his was just the last desperate pieces of the SOLDIER's consciousness taking hold. One last play for it all? Was this really his plan? He knew the reason mother chose Sephiroth. It wasn't because he was stronger or older, or even smarter than them. It was because his plan was so deeply rooted that it shook the very core of the Lifestream itself. Would he now be given a chance to do what that man could not, but was it something the man had planned all along? Was it really just his plan alone? No trace of it hidden in his encrypted genes that it was something Sephiroth planned as well? He did not want to become Sephiroth. He wanted to stay Yazoo. Even this hatred burned hot in his veins and had become almost a delicate food to him, a reason for existing, he wanted more. He turned over facing the clock. Perhaps this play that he'd make for it all was rooted in that desire. A desire for more than this. Yet what more could he want? What more was there for one like him? Not quite human, not quite Cetra, a fallen Ancient who has diminished.

He would not abandon his plan. It was in fact fulfilling a deep rooted part of himself. To get back what was his. What should have been his brothers. He had no one to prove himself too. All he had was a dish best served cold. In time he found himself drifting off once more. The dreams returned. But he would remember them this time.

A woman called his name. Then in a darkened room he heard screaming, and the wail of a newborn baby. He kept seeing images of blood. Images of older ones with whitened hair. He would look up and see stars shooting in the sky. A child ran past him. He followed him. There was a wood, and by a log lay the Fang Tooth on the ground. The child stopped running, standing beside it. When he turned, his dream self stumbled back in shock, it was Kadaj as a child. No more than 8. He laughed. Then the boy ran off into the woods fading in the mist.

"I'm waiting," said a familiar voice behind him, and he turned to see the 18 year old Kadaj he knew so well staring back at him with a knowing look.

He seen his dream self touching a female body in his apartment. Seducing her into his bed. Then he heard another scream, the woman's once more. A room full of mirrors, where the moon shone down on her bed, she panted in labor, screamed in agony. Then all at once he was laying her on the far side of an inner pool, blood seeped through her clothes. He looked at his hands, they were covered in blood. He did not see her face at all, but for some reason she seemed vaguely familiar to him. It was as if her face was obscured from his memory. When he had awakened he found his nails were dug deep into the sheets and sweat covered his body.

Sitting up he wiped at the sweat on his face and swung the blankets off himself. Getting up after staring at his windows where a light breeze blew the curtains in a rippling pattern, he walked over to it. The sudden air nipped at his skin cooly, and he drew the fabric aside peering out the window unashamed of his nakedness. Neon lights danced on his skin making a kaleidoscope of color that fascinated his anxious mind for a moment. It was night. How long had he slept? Closing his eyes he looked up. Beyond the towers of lights and the clouds he seen the moon, and about it stars shooting across the sky.

The sight both awed and hurt him for some reason. It also made him uneasy. Why were there so many falling stars to be seen lately. They weren't near an asteroid belt at this time of the year. There were no explanations to be had that he came up with. For some reason, in a brief moment that girl's image floated in his mind. Her clutching her heart as she looked upon them. He didn't know why and he even tried fighting it, but as he watched them now, it made him sad.

It was over a week later when he finally was able to gain enough spirits to handle things once more. He stayed home from work for 2 days as he was so wrapped up in his thoughts. The appearance of Kadaj in his dreams was no big deal to him. It's just it was always in a memory or something random. But nothing like that. Nothing that cryptic and etched into something like this before. He often had dreams that came true. He also could at times, even with as silent as his mind was now, occasionally hear the planet speaking if he let down his guard. He didn't want to listen to it, even when he had a feeling that right now he probably should listen to what it had to say.

He reasoned Kadaj's appearance in his dream had to mean something else. He wasn't sure what, but he had to. Yet he couldn't help relishing at the idea. Could he recreate Kadaj? Kadaj in a way where his interwoven destiny would not repeat? Could he turn things around for him? But again the thoughts were fleeting in their own repetitious ways. They kept coming back, but only for a few moments. Before he'd remember that it was impossible with out the experiments of Shin-ra. Before he'd remember he was alone.

Even though he was beginning to question himself, it made him more determined than ever to go through with things. It was a strange combination - self-conscious unease with himself leading to a greater will. But it proved best. To an extent it made him giddy with anticipation. The thing was, he believed he was starting to figure the things out in his dreams. If they meant what he thought they were implying, then his goals would be met - far beyond anything even he had originally ordained.

It was on his day off that he made his way to a restaurant that he had been eying recently. Just a simple diner, but he was trying to change up his regular haunts in favor of new places due to the inescapable feeling of being watched. As he went inside he couldn't help noticing the overly bright atmosphere. It was almost sickening. But he supposed these places had to be this way. A hostess seated him, and he was taken to a table practically in the middle of the restaurant. He could look out the windows, or if he chose watch the people behind the counter. A good vantage point he supposed. He would be able to see everything at once if he chose.

He was handed a menu and was just looking it over when a waitress came out from the backrooms with several hot plates balanced on an insanely large tray. Upon looking harder, he realized it was none other than the purple haired girl. He watched her curiously, and the wide-eyed or pointedly disapprovingly glares she was getting as she past when all at once he seen her look up as she began to place the food around the table as graceful as possible, when she looked up at him and all at once dropped a whole plate of veal Parmesan on the floor, it was followed by the rest left on the large tray. Her eyes were wide in fear and shock as she looked at him, then down in dismay and embarrassment as the plates rolled down with a clanging sound and the food smacked on the floor with very unattractive plops.

"Gah! Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" she yelped out to the customer and immediately began bending down to clean it up.

Yazoo merely watched the scene with a blank stare, and watched as she continued apologizing to everyone around her, all the while glancing up at him as if she was seeing a ghost. The atmosphere was tense and silent for several moments. Then all at once the apparent manager charged forward seeing what was going on.

"My apologies sir and madame," he said with a fake smile, then hissed out through the grin, "your meal will be on the house tonight." Then he turned to the girl who was quietly putting plates back on the over turned tray and attempting to mop up with a simple rag into a pile the food on the ground. Yazoo found it surprising when the customers were actually giving her a degree sympathetic looks.

"Chi, you are a disaster! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! One more screw up and you're out do you hear me?! GONE! I have no idea why I hired you, you sorry good for nothing fool!"

The customers she was attending were watching the scene bug eyed, along with the rest of the room. "Hey, no need to lay into her like that man! It was an accident." spoke up the one customer at the table she was next to, still silently, yet with her head now bowed gathering up the remains.

The manager shot him a look, gave a fake apology to the customer and stalked off, noticeably muttering, "Shouldn't have expected any different from a Preek!"

The gathering together of mess and plates ended with that comment. She merely sat on her knees for several long moments staring at the floor. The customers she was attending did nothing more than look upon her. They seemed confused as to whether they should regard her as some type of nasty insect or if they should be offering comfort. Yazoo eyed her with a degree of fascination, then as she had gathering what she could, she picked it up forcing her shoulders back in a proud stance. But her eyes betrayed rims of redness, indicating a will to cry.

She gave him another look and bowed in his direction, "My apologies for any disturbance this caused you." she bowed in as many directions as she could in turn, then with another look at him, clearly showing discomfort and an odd recognition that Yazoo hadn't noticed before went back behind the counter, into the backrooms again. She came back out moments later with a broom, dustpan and mop, and began cleaning the mess that remained up.

All at once it hit him, as she glanced at him full scale in the face. The light finally hitting her features in a way he could for the first time see her properly even with all the times he had run into her, it came to him. She was the woman in his dream. A waitress came out of the backroom and to his table.

"Can I help you?" she asked too sweetly, eying the girl across the way.

An image of Kadaj fleeted into his mind causing him lose his breath for a moment and cough. The man smiled at him, the same smile he always did when he was actually happy that things were going the way they should, "I'm ready. I'm waiting." said a voice in his mind, that was undoubtedly Kadaj's.

Yazoo was in such deep thought looking at her that he jumped. She raised her eyebrows, her notepad and pen ready.

"No," he remarked bluntly, and nodded in the purple haired woman's direction, "but she can."

The woman's eyes got big and she followed his gaze to the woman who was now looking at them both with a mixture of confusion and a strange fright. The manager was out again and had heard this, coming to stride over to him. The woman looked to him for confirmation of what to do.

"Sir, this table isn't assigned to her," he nodded towards the lady with the mop watching the exchange with a look of pure dislike, "but this young lady can help you just as well, I assure you." He lay a hand on the blond woman's shoulder who was awaiting the turnout with interest.

Yazoo chuckled, and stood, "If that is the case, and after getting a recent display of how you handle your employees when they make a mere mistake, I think I've lost my appetite. I'll be leaving." He let the napkin he had on his lap that he had gathered in his hand snap on the table quite satisfactorily to make both flinch at the sound. He strode to the exit nodding at the young woman, who merely stared back in confusion, distrust and with odd look of satisfaction in her eyes. As the door shut, he also couldn't help noticing the smirks and whispers of amusement all around the diner.

"An impressive display I do say," came a deep voice beside him as he stood for a brief moment outside the diner.

Yazoo looked over, seeing the red caped man leaning against it's walls with crossed arms. He met his gaze, "Don't tell me, you're becoming sympathetic suddenly."

Yazoo merely answered with a sneer and chuckle, then turned and began walking.

"I have an idea what you are plotting," called the voice behind him. It made Yazoo turn around, with his eyebrows raised in skepticism.

"Oh? Do enlighten me."

The man came forward meeting him quickly, "Nice little family tree the kids will have. A psycho for a father and an insecure half bred outcast for a mother." Yazoo's lips twitched. "Don't worry, I'm not going to stop you," and he strode past him.

"Why not, if that is my plan as you have so brilliantly deduced?" Yazoo asked with an amused smile.

The man stopped and looked back at him with burning eyes. "Because there's no crime for starting a family. Besides, I have my own reasons for letting you, if I am indeed right. Just be careful for what you have planned for them, young remnant. You may get more than you bargained for, and twice as much as anyone - even you - can handle." Then he turned and melted into the shadows and the crowd.

Yazoo went to the diner across the street and when he was finished, he waited. Two hours later the girl emerged tired looking and downcast. He quickly made his way over and went up the street a bit, then waited for her by the entrance of a nearby shop. As she began to pass weaving her way carefully through the crowd, he cleared his throat to gather her attention. She stopped dead in her tracks her mouth coming open slightly, quickly adverting her eyes as she bowed in greeting. He merely eloquently extended his hand out to her. She stared at it for what seemed an eternity, weighing the possibilities - she knew it was an invitation, he could tell just she had no idea what kind - then she extended her own hand placing it in his own.

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