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white fae

FF VII AC - Total Eclipse

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.23 at 19:19
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Disclaimer: I really should make a generic one to put on all fics shouldn't I? >.> Ahem. *coughs* They do not belong to me, if they did I'd be rich and the inventors would be poor. So, as it is the other way around, please don't sue me. *offers jelly bellys* No? Awwww...

Pairings: Kadaj x Original Female Character, Zack x Aeries, Loz x Reno, Cloud x Tifa, Yazoo x Elena, Vincent x Yuffie, and probably others

Other: Chapter titles are lyrics to the song Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler. It's not mine either. Used not because it will make sense, but because I suck at titles.

Author's Notes and Warnings: Alternate Universe, out of characterness, sex, drama, and whatever else my diseased imagination can come up with. I know the pairings are weird in this story, and I offer my apologies to anyone who doesn't like OFCs. Sometimes, there's just not enough women or men to go around. LOL I'm not promising anything good here, but I can promise you that a lot of heart and experimenting went into this story. So for that, I hope it will make up for anything that you don't like or is not up to the caliber I expect from myself. This story is being written exclusively for AFF and my readers who have faith in my shape shifting writing abilities. This is also going to mark the last of the fanfiction I will be writing for probably a couple of years, unless I get bit by the bug again. After this I will be returning to my original stories, and their vampires and summoners. To my dedicated readers and to my new ones, this story is for you.

Total Eclipse

Are you alive? Are you awake? Can you feel the wind as the world pulls out from under you? Feel the pressure of your senses trying to comprehend what can not be known? You can hear the blood racing through your veins, can you not? Open your eyes and look despite your fear. But no, drifting, drifting, drifting. There is a sea of nothingness around you. A feeling of foreboding as you're pulled and stretched. Then all at once you feel only aches and pains. The sounds around you are like thunder. A voice beckons. You still can not look. A streak of white light and the sound is deafening. Gasps of air, punctuated by screams. You realize it is your own scream that deafens your ears, with others around you. You open your eyes and the world is nothing you've ever known.

Total Eclipse
Chapter One

"The last of 'em is comin' 'round." muttered a voice that Kadaj had never heard before. As he opened his eyes, his senses were assaulted by blinding light. The light of an operating table. He squirmed finding himself restrained. His mouth was dry. He remembered screaming. His own screams were still sounding in his mind. But how did he get here?

"Take 'em in for observation, make sure 'is vitals are steady first. Get 'er over there!" he heard the voice near him say again. Then he heard wheezing and gasping. The sound of a beeping monitor suddenly going out of control.

"Oh my God! Help me! She's going into cardiac arrest!" he heard a woman shout from across the room.

There was a shuffle of activity heading to that side of the room, then he heard another man shout, "Get him out of here NOW!"

The world above him began moving as he felt the stretcher he was on being moved. He had closed his eyes in a drowsy state and was looking up again seeing faces he didn't recall.

"Wha... what happened?" he stammered out feeling disoriented and dizzy watching the bright lights overhead him flash by, and strangers faces looking down at him occasionally as they wheeled him through corridors and twisted and turned. They finally stopped, and he was left in a dimly lit room, the doors and walls made mostly out of silver metal. Why was he in a hospital? Then a sudden fear gripped him. Or was it Shin-ra who had come for him again? He began to struggle again.

"Just calm down son. You'll be alright." said a voice who had come to his side with a syringe. The African-American man squirted some liquid out the needle, making sure all air bubbles were out.

"NO!" he screamed as loud as he could despite his already dry throat, seeing the needle. He struggled frantically against the metal clasps that bound him, but they did not give way.

"I said calm down!" said the man sternly.

A woman came by and put her hands on each of his shoulders. "It's only to help you sleep. Now just calm down."

He gritted his teeth and suddenly felt the pinch in his arm. The world slowly go hazy, and finally he fell asleep. He missed the doctors and nurses watching his vital signs for any fluctuation. He would not see for days what alterations had been done to his appearance. He would not know for several hours what had become of him, his gang and the one they called big brother. Or most important of all, the others - including Sephiroth.

They had tried to explain it to him and the others calmly, and as well as they could. Security was tight in the room. They expected them to act out. Cloud looked around and noticed all of them were there except Cait Sith and Red. All of them, including him. Sephiroth merely stood by the wall, leaning on it, unmoving. An amused smile on his lips. It took all his power and inner strength just to stay seated and not get up to ring his neck.

They had been told by the stern looking making in a military uniform the queer explanation as to why one minute Cloud was talking to Tifa, Reno and Rude (whom he noted was also there), about where Kadaj and his gang, who sat together close to Sephiroth doing nothing but glaring and casting looks over their shoulders at the man standing by, had taken the children, and the next minute he had awakened to a hospital bed and strange people all about him.

The explanation weren't easy to take, nor understand. If you were to go by what they said, Cloud and all these people he knew, all his memories and thoughts were simply the artistic creations, not of a God, but a man. They never even existed in this reality. Things about alternate dimensions were discussed. All of them he believed were too stunned into silence in order to react. Why were they brought here? A military experiment to gather not only new research into weapons, but new soldiers. For some reason, while this part angered all of them, Sephiroth seemed just amused beyond tears over it.

All at once things sunk in and the reactions began to start. Yelling, crying, silence, things being flung across the room. All manners of it was about him. All he could do was sit there and try and form his questions all in a reasonable order. So he was an experiment all over again. Just another failed creation - again. They hadn't said they were "failed experiments" - yet. But he waited on it. He watched the man in white who was happily rocking back and forth on his heels as he waited for them all to quiet down. The man in the uniform merely rolled his eyes and drummed his fingers on his desk.

"That is quite enough!" boomed out the voice of the Captain behind the desk, everyone fell into a silence.

"We know this is hard for all of you to accept. To even us it is in fact difficult to believe on some scales. But none the less you are here. We will be arranging for you all to be integrated into our society at a reasonable pace. Some of you will be called to report for overseas placement if a military need arises. The people you will go to will be informed of your backgrounds." he looked over at the doctor, and gestured forward.

"Not all of you were brought here for that purpose. Not all of you that are here will be called. This was simply to say we can do it." the man seemed overly pleased with himself in a way that made almost everyone in the room's lips curl in disgust. "So, you will go about your lives. Occasionally, we will send someone around to see how you are doing. If for some reason any of you start feeling something... out of the ordinary, not necessarily medical, but unusual, you will need to contact us."

Everyone, even Sephiroth, gave him and the others in the room a look of confusion. They were told a few other things, but Cloud tuned them out. He was not even a test tube baby anymore, he was a character in a game and a movie. If you went by this crackpot's explanation, he did really exist in another universe - in another dimension. All of them did, and they, the people telling him they did this, were merely literature, games and movie characters to them as well in turn. It made little sense, and was hardly believable. But as he got up and looked outside at the world around him, one he had never seen - ever, he knew he had no choice but to believe it.

They waited a couple of days. Then they were allowed to move more freely about the base. As they did they were also able to have private rooms finally, along with a single common room to associate with one another in. Their new rooms had mirrors. It was in these moments, of first glimpsing themselves, the remnants, Cloud and Sephiroth noticed that their eyes were - normal. They did not shimmer, glow or otherwise look otherworldly. Clouds eyes were merely a bright shade of blue and the remnants and their mentor a deep green. It mortified them as well, as made them feel at ease. They could blend in now. The thing that set them apart from everyone else was now gone.

It would be a week later when another unsuspected thing occurred. She was there, as was Zack. Aeries. They both looked as bewildered as the majority of the group did when they entered the common room and bowed in apology for barging in. Aeries companions stared at her in disbelief then she was surrounded by everyone. The remnants and Sephiroth merely looked on in disgust. Cloud greeted Zack warmly, happily. They had taken it better than the larger portion of the group did. Aeries even seemed to understand it. It was then that they learned she had been delayed due to "complications". The complications, which Kadaj knew to be what they were. She was the one who had been in cardiac arrest. Zack had been separated for the sake of the fact that he wanted to be with her.

They had their separate groups. Sephiroth and the remnants on one side, brooding silently most of the time, Cloud and his companions on the other. It wasn't until Aeries decided enough was enough and approached the silver haired group with a look of determination, that they attempted to join them, and despite sneers and distrusted looks, a mutual bond had formed among them all. They were all now just as helpless as the other. No longer was there materia or a dark past unseen and hidden with in the depths of their minds. All was quiet and peaceful for once for the Ancients and the Remnants. They wouldn't go so far as to call them friends, but they wouldn't deny them the pleasure of their company anymore.

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