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white fae

Final Fantasy VII: Redeemer Chapter 03

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.23 at 19:16
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Disclaimer: Blah. Not mine.

Author's Note: Very, very short chapter. But eh, can't always have insanely long ones, you know. As always comments, reviews, feedback, etc is very welcome. It lets me know if it still stands of interest to even one person. The chapter titles are lyrics to the song "Propehtian" by Eternal Tears of Sorrow, which I sadly have no affiliation with either.

Final Fantasy VII: Redeemer
Chapter Three: The one who seeks - May find the end of the line

He was aware he was dreaming. This knowledge gave no comfort to him as he seen the images flashing. The lab walls were stark white around him. The air was cold on his naked chest. He seen a prod with a blue electric current buzzing in between it's two sides. It was being handed to a man in white who drew nearer and nearer to the him. Suddenly he was 10 years old again. As the man in white continued forward he began squirming in his restraints.

"No! NO! Please don't!" he started screaming and crying at once. On the other side of the room, he seen with blurry eyes another person in white watching then scribbling something on a stack of paper on a clipboard. A moment later, he seen a flash of white light as he felt more pain than he ever had in his life course through his body. The buzzing, became a screech to him.

The next moment Yazoo jerked awake. Momentarily confused about his surroundings he looked around his apartment, realization that the memory-dream was just that. He took some quick breaths, after realizing he was breathing heavily, and his bare body was shaking and sweating from head to toe. But the buzzing sound was still there. He looked over at his clock and seen it was 6:35am. It was just the alarm going off. Disgusted, and still shaken he switched it off, then collected himself in a tight ball. Absently, he rubbed a thick scar along his left arm where the real prod had touched him. It was times like this when he hated his perfect memory. Sometimes he wished he could be in an accident, so he could forget everything.

You're such a strange one Yazoo. You'll take it without a tear, yet you're worse than a child., he heard Kadaj's voice saying in his head. Another memory.

He closed his eyes, then reopened them. Every time he closed them he seen the prod advancing towards him. That was one of their worst experiments. Thankfully, it was the only time they ever did shock him like that. Afterwards they would tape sensors to him, and give his muscles a small shock to see if and how they reacted. A feeling that he was weak was overtaking his senses. It made him breathe hard again. He rolled out of the ball and on to his back, draping an arm over his head. He forced himself to be in control again. He had to remain in control. If he didn't, he might totally lose himself. He sighed and got up. He showered, dressed and forced a breakfast bar down his quesey stomach and went to work, immersing himself in it's tedium. Happy for it for once in a blue moon.

During his lunch hour, he was going to go to his usual coffee shop, and again, he seen people he least expected. Big brother, and a woman with blackish brown hair -Tifa, he believed was her name, surrounded by a couple of other people. He stopped short of going in at seeing them through the windows. Big brother was hunched over and blushing furiously, while Tifa was showing off a delicate little ring. The others around her were eyeing it and clapping them on the back or teasing at them.

"So, big brother is getting married." Yazoo took a sadistic pleasure in seeing how this situation apparently made big brother uncomfortable. Then he walked on, but he had a strange feeling he was being followed. He turned a corner and waited. But nothing. No one he seen was acting abnormal who past him. Then he heard a soft step at the other end of the alley. He peered down it, seeing a man in a red cape, a golden arm, with firey eyes, and hair just as black as his slowly coming towards him. Yazoo merely cocked his head to the side, letting a small smile come to his face. When the man was finally standing in front of him, he merely looked him up and down, then spoke in a deep voice, "I see one of you survived."

So, he knew who he really was. Fascinating. "Disappointed?" Yazoo asked sarcastically. Why did this man look familiar to him?

A small smile came to the other man's lips. "Of course not. After all, things would get a little too boring without Sephiroth's children popping up every 5 years." he answered back in just as a sarcastic voice as his own. Quickly he added in a serious voice, before Yazoo could make a comeback, "I trust you'll keep out of trouble. It'll be a shame if something happened to you after such a painful journey back through the underworld. For the moment, I'll pretend I never seen you. But if you make one peculiar move, I swear I'll shoot you with your own new shiny gun and gouge out your heart with it's blade in your sleep young remnant."

Then with a flick of his cape he walked off in the direction of the coffee house. Yazoo's brow furrowed. How did he know about the gun? Has he actually been following him all this time? Who was he? Then it hit him... He had seen him before. In a battle in the Forgotten City. He raised an eyebrow looking after the form retreating into the shop. He'll have to be more careful then. This was unexpected, but oddly thrilling.

He went back to work, noting two things. He had seen the Turk Elena talking to Rufus, who was being heavily escorted into a car. Then as he was walking back into the building he seen a slip of purple hair pass him. He couldn't help looking and indeed it was that strange girl from last night. She didn't see him, yet she still acted like the public made her nervous. He also noted the directed sneers and dirty looks people were giving her as she past. What exactly was it that she had done that everyone else treated her like they had him and his brothers back then? She reached the door and someone quickly hurried in and practically slammed it in her face. He seen her turn to look at the person, and the look in her eyes was something he knew all to well. Anger, hatred, a silent fury. She closed her eyes and bit her lip then went through the door and walked on quickly.

He stared after her. So, they were on the same page to an extent. Good, he wasn't alone in the world. He went inside. He thought about how to move next. He wondered would that man in the red cape suspect something? Must he fall back now that he was so close to reaching the more important part of his plan. The only thing right now he really needed to move forward? The only thing he really needed now, was a good woman. But which woman? There were millions to choose from. Somehow this knowledge made him slightly queasy and anxious at the same time.

He couldn't help wondering, was this going to be the end of things, or the beginning of bright new future for this miserable planet?

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