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white fae

Kill Bill - Golden Phoenix, Silver Chains Chapters 1-2

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.23 at 19:13
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Golden Phoenix, Silver Chains:
The Story of Gogo Yubari

Short History of a Young Killer

Disclaimer: I do not own the people who are in Kill Bill. Even though I want to. Gogo is so cute. T.T Well, in a psychotic sort of way.

Author's Note: This was intended to be written like stated facts in a report on Gogo Yubari. Once this is done I intended to write it again from her POV. This one is kind of like a psychiatrist going over it. Best way to put it is, think of the way how The Rocky Horror Show is narrated.

Rated: PG-15 for Violent content and mature themes.

Chapter One

She was born into the "right families". She was to have it all... wealth, family, the right friends, the right education. She was to be the perfect little lady. At least this is what her family had in mind. But what Gogo Yubari had in mind was completely different.

On the surface Gogo appeared to be a normal, healthy young girl. She gave no hint to her inner madness. But was she really mad? What drives one to what is termed as madness? She had a temper... oh yes, she certainly did. She was also very used to getting her way, as all children of privileged families tend to be. But she always seemed normal and not queer in anyway... until she was ten. Then it began to show. One day her nursemaid came running in a panic to Gogo's mother. She had taken all of her dolls out into the yard to play. But when the one doll's hair would not comb in the way Gogo thought it should, she had run back to the kitchens, obtained some matches and set the doll's hair on fire. Mistress Yubari dismissed this as young Gogo just being upset and not knowing what to do. So, she had a temper tantrum. Gogo was sent to bed without dinner. And for many months that was the end of the "incidents", until one day her mother watched Gogo as she played by their pool. She noticed that Gogo seemed to be playing something called "beachside", and she was having one of her dolls continuously dunking the other, and little cries for help being mimicked on Gogo's lips.

Her mother came up behind her and asked her what she was playing... what was going through her mind. Gogo replied in a very sweet, innocent voice, "Ken made Barbie mad, so she pushed him into the pool and is drowning him." The dolls were snatched away from her and again Gogo was sent to her room without dinner. That night there were discussions about her. It was no secret that her father was part of the Japanese Mafia. They lived well by it's means, and occasionally he brought his work home with him. His wife accused him of corrupting their daughter with it's violence. But this was not the case. Ten year old Gogo had no idea what her father did for a living. Just was told that he gave out "medicine to people who need it".

There would not be another "incident" until she was 14.

In school she both excelled and was considered an outcast. Not because she wasn't pretty... She had even teachers turning their heads when she was 12 years old. No, it was because what her maids, and teachers and even her own parents failed to see was very evident in school. She was peculiar and showed a sadistic side. An example. Once when dissecting a frog she insisted on having two of them... so when the class was done she could sew the smaller frog inside the larger one because it wasn't right for them to take away her babies. So the boy frog and female frog needed to be bonded together forever to make new babies. Very logical, yes? She seemed fascinated with not only the martial arts, but with assassins. She had "accidentally nicked" a student with her fork after making fun of her two braided hair style. She seemed to become mesmerized by the students wound. By the blood flowing out of her hand.

However, it was when she was 14 that three things happened. It would be the first time Gogo would seriously injure not one but two people in a fight, the second was that this was when Mikki arrived, and with her arrival it spurred a chain of events that lead to the third noted event... what finally made Gogo snap- turning from a slightly disturbed and disturbing child to a cold blooded killer.

A girl had been harassing Gogo about a boy whom she liked but actually liked Gogo instead of her. One day after several weeks of putting up with both his never ending passes and this girl's constant jeering and threats, while they had clean up duty it came to the showdown. The guy stood there leading it on with smirks and smiles and comments as the girl harassed her... Gogo just quietly continued to tally up the chores, putting up with the insults until finally the girl literally got up and shoved Gogo out of her chair. Clenching her fists Gogo attempted to sit back down despite what was starting to go through her mind... despite the world suddenly starting to drip with a crimson color much like blood. The girl took a stance on top of Gogo's seat and before she knew what happened she had kicked Gogo from her elevated point in the face. Gogo fell to the ground taking a couple of desks and chairs with her. Then the crimson red became a flame that quickly grew into a fire... Gogo reacted before she could think about it later.

She kicked the chair out from under the girl. The girl went head first into a group of desks, breaking some in the process. Before she could get up Gogo picked up a loose chair leg and began beating the girl with it. Over and over and over. She couldn't stop. All the insults, all the jeering and stabbing comments- all the people who shoved her in the hallways or purposely ignored her.... it all flashed in front of her and she was turning this girl into a bloody lump of flesh. Until she felt someone from behind grabbing her. She merely reacted. She kicked him and turned her weapon on him. Finally, she felt 2 strong people pulling the weapon from her and grabbing her by the arms. She squirmed to get free. But then the red was becoming all colors again. The people holding her back were in focus again. She saw the boy groaning and wailing in pain. It made her want to laugh. She looked at the girl, unconscious and barely breathing... ‘Good. Let them live with the pain she reasoned. It'll never pay me back for what they and their kind put me through since I was barely 3 years old’ was her reasoning. And to some it could be said it was quite justified. She stopped struggling and merely walked over to her back pack and left. Her parents heard about it once the teachers stopped hysterically rushing around over the mess. She was expelled from school. It was decided she would attend an academy in Tokyo instead.

3 months after this incident, a new maid was employed. Her name was Mikki. Gogo was quite annoyed when Mikki had first stepped into her room, for her governess was insisting that she should not be reading "all these crazy stories about assassins and the mafia and how to hurt people." After Gogo demanded a reason other than "it's effecting your mind", she noticed the new maid going about cleaning things. One of the perks that her governess insisted on was making sure the room was arranged to her liking- not Gogo's. And to her governess dismay and agitation and Gogo's delight, the girl was rearranging things subtly. Some books here. A trinket or so there. Perfumes put in one place, school uniform in another. The governess protested. The girl turned around and showed an unusual feature. Bright green eyes that were not Asian formed. The maid simply nodded and looked to Gogo for confirmation of the governess wishes. Before the governess could express her discontent with this gesture Gogo smiled. And told the maid it was as she wished it now. To leave it as she made it.

Over the course of several months Gogo would become fascinated... even infatuated with this maid. She carried an air of grace that was lost to even the rich at times. But also seemed like a little timid kitten. Eventually it got to a point where she began dismissing her governess in favor of Mikki attending to her personal needs. Putting out her clothes, brushing her hair, helping her dress. It was through these means that she had discovered that this woman was of American and Japanese decent. By the end of 3 months Gogo was starting to leave her room and going up the stairs to the maid's quarters so she could stay with Mikki. Mikki often would give her strange looks- concerned ones. But dismissed it. Until finally after 6 months of this, when the girl couldn't help but notice that as she moved throughout the room that Gogo's eyes never left her for a moment. Gogo wanted to be her... Gogo adored her. And in these 6 months her life had not become so dark... not so full of pain. She was accepted by this woman, even loved by her. And it was true. But not even Gogo herself could totally define her admiration for this young woman... just that it was there.

Her happiness showed in the form of Gogo was finally letting friends into her life. The strange things she did at school became less. She seemed less temperamental. More able to contain herself. More disciplined and less spoiled. And she courted this maid in some ways. She would give her small gifts of things she knew the maid would like. Jewelry, accessories, flowers, candies. She courted her as a friend and a lover it was said. But nothing ever transpired of it... and affection was strong for both of them. It was through Mikki that Gogo learned to dislike men. Not in the sense that she could not be attracted to them, but in the way they treated women. She watched silently at times as the men that worked for her father would corner Mikki and make indecent and unwanted proposals so often to her that she lost count. Only to call her a "half-breed whore or bitch" when she refused them. Sometimes Gogo would not be able to take it anymore and would go down and order them away. Her maid was grateful and they grew so close. Closer than their positions allowed. Which was why it surprised Gogo 6 months later, a week after she noticed Gogo's attentions in the room, that she saw her maid's bags packed and her waiting for her to let her speak to her. Gogo ordered everyone out and she met her half way. Gogo remembered it like it was yesterday...

"I have to go. I am going back to America."

"Why?! I forbid it! You will stay here!!!" Gogo yelped out. She didn't understand... and she was feeling betrayed...

"Gogo. I have to go." Mikki reached out a hand to Gogo's cheek, brushing it softly, "I'm sorry." She seemed as though she wasn't sure if she should continue. But she knew she had to. "You're a lovely young girl Gogo. And you have a great deal of... admiration for me. But I am just concerned in what manner it is rooting. I love you my dear. And you have been kinder to me than any mistress has ever been to a woman in my position. But your infatuation with me, however it is planted within you, is too strong. Appreciated and flattering... but not... proper. No matter what the manner it is held in. But in the end I think you need to find yourself. Some have called you crazy my dear. Oh yes. But I think you are just a tormented soul who needs released. I am returning home so you may discover how it should be released. Whatever it may be, however it is chosen you have my blessing."

Gogo turned away. She was enraged. She was hurting. She wanted to just grab her in her arms and make her stay by not letting her go. What would she do without her? She was her only true friend. The only person Gogo really loved.

"I hope you will understand one day. I think you will. I want to give you some things... if you will take them."

Gogo turned her head half way. She heard footsteps away from her then coming back, a rustling of cloth and the tinkle of a jewels. Gogo turned around. There was a long black box in her arms.

"First I wish to give you this..." she held out a hand balancing the box with one arm, extending her hand, Gogo felt Mikki drop a simple gold necklace into her hand. It was her favorite. She never took it off. "So, you will know I will never forget you... and I really hope you do not forget me. And this," she held out the box with box hands, "is my gift to you... Use it for whatever you like... display... your defense or that of another... but never cold blooded killing."

Gogo gave her a strange look at the implication. She laid the velvet box in her arms. "Good bye Miss Gogo. Take care." Then with a low bow she left the room, the house and Gogo's physical life... but never her mind and heart. The necklace was always safely tucked inside her shirt somewhere... and the long box contained her most treasured and terrifying weapon- a spiked mace on a long 10 foot chain.

Chapter Two

ogo grieved for her maid for weeks... months. The friends she gained she pushed away for they annoyed her. She went back to being the strange girl in the corner who completed her assignments while in class, then spent the rest of the time looking out of the windows daydreaming or at times carving things into the desk with her pen absentmindedly. When not cracking on her books she always seemed to be elsewhere. The teachers noticed it, but said nothing thinking it was just family troubles. But it was more than family troubles. Even Gogo could not be sheltered anymore from her father's true business activities. It only made her study the Mafia and assassinations more earnestly. Also she could not help overhearing the whispers among her father's men that some of the other bosses were becoming restless and her father was growing not so popular among them. The head boss was old... was going to die soon. That means a war among the respected heads and their posses would be erupting.

Her treatment at school got no better. Except maybe for a few other girls who found themselves in sympathetic conditions, Gogo was alone in her torment... their favorite subject. Only it was not isolated to one or two people now... but whole groups. They heard what she did to some other students in another school in Hokkaido. Safety in harassing her in numbers. Get her before she gets you... She was the weird one. She was the one who didn't belong. She was the tormentor... Not them. Not these little preppy kids who got everything they wanted, flirted with whoever they wanted. They were right in following her around in the hallways and shoving her into lockers. Hurling balls and rackets at her in gym class. They were not to blame for the trembling rage that was starting to form with in her. They were not to blame for it when one day she stabbed and killed one of them for trying to take a gold chain about her neck away from her. They were not to blame for the fact that she held no remorse but only smiled. They were not to blame for her hating them.

She had friends again... those who were like her. Her own little gang of misfits. People who weren't able to fit in any group but "outcast". But she was different from them. She took it all silently like they did... but they did not see her in the middle of the night shivering with rage and imagining the look of their blood on their school uniforms. She hurt her tormentors once... she could hurt them again. Then they will all leave her alone won't they? They will leave her friends alone. Jocks would make passes at her when she past. Cheerleaders resented her for it. The popular kids hated her for the attention she got without seeking it. Friends or not, she was their favorite victim... so easy to push around... so submissive to it when they made fun of her. She was so loyal to her friends. Insanely loyal. Proven the day she killed one of their tormentors.

The preppy girl just wouldn't leave them alone and jogged along side Gogo and her friend as they walked along pretending they didn't hear her. She was followed by a group of them. As usual. Finally they surrounded them, then jeering at Gogo first they suddenly turned all their attention to the girl. They grabbed her... twisting her arm around her back hurting her. Gogo shoved the bully away telling her to leave her friend alone. Her friend tried to tell Gogo to stop, to just run and not worry about her. But no... not this time. Not this time. Gogo was ready for them this time. The group began pushing Gogo on all sides when the gold chain about her neck came out of his foldings. One of the girls lunged for it.

"What's this? Very pretty... mind if I keep it?", then yanking hard she pulled it from Gogo's neck.

Gogo let out a scream and went for it... Being dodged and flung to the ground by many hands. The world went red... the world went into flame... the only thing she seen was the precious gold chain being swung tauntingly in front of her face. She reached into her satchel and pulled out a utility knife. And without stopping, without hearing the screams even coming from her friend she sliced at the fingers displaying the necklace. She grabbed it up as the girl wailed in pain and then grabbed her by the hair and ran a clean, quick slit across the girl's throat. People were screaming. Blood was gushing out. They ran away. They would never hurt her or her friends again. She knew it. But she also knew in the deep recesses of her mind what she did. She had committed murder. But it was self defense right? She'd think about it later. She simply put the necklace in her pocket and grabbed her dumbstruck and screaming friend by the hand and kept walking. Again she was expelled from school, and sent to another in Tokyo. But never made it to trial. It would only be a month later that the full extent of the blows to her mind would be revealed. Her last torment to make her become what she was meant to be.

She was excited. Mikki would be coming back this day. She had persuaded her father in it. But her father had grown increasingly troubled. Something had happened and he kept looking at her and her mother as if it would be the last. She did not know why. She knew better than to ask. But she was forced to stay behind - again clean up duty. She had also seen a strange group of people on the school grounds. She thought they were monks. But they were women. They had their hair... They were... Caucasian. It was the robes of bright red, purple and gold and orange. And her father was among them. She was curious. But she was never summoned out of class. She did not suffer any torment at this school. People pretty much let her alone. She was just the pretty new girl to them. Guess public school worked better than private ones. No private school would take her now. It was nearing sunset when she had reached the gate of her home. Walking home and taking the trains was strange enough for her. Someone usually came to pick her up. When she came to the grounds... all looked normal. All was silent. Dead silent.

She entered warily finding nothing... even the house was dark. No lights. Which made her even more leery. She held no weapons on her. She had no need for them at this school. But she wished for them now. No maids... no butlers... no servants... not even her sister was heard about the house. She rarely seen her sister. She spent her time in her room reading. Looking things up on the internet. Doing anything but being with her family. Her mother was nagging, her father silent and her sister - young which held annoyance. Because of her problems at school she was often ignored now. Never spoken to unless it was in a scream. So, she chose solitude. It was much more pleasant. But she ached for their human touch. Especially her father's...

But she found a light on a closed door to the dining room... and upon entering she knew her desire to know her father one day more would never be. Her parents sitting on opposite ends of the table were leaning forward head first on the table... eyes open... not moving. Dead... poisoned. She ran to the next room and in the halls... She found dead servants. She went up the stairs to her sister's room. In what appeared to be sleep lay her sister... She would have believed her asleep if not the paleness of death was on her face...

She had dropped her bags long ago. Her mind felt as if it was on the verge of shattering but her emotions were stopped. There was too much around her... She went to her room. And on her bed lay a body. A figure she had recognized and admired for many months. She ran to it. In what appeared to be the same blissful sleep was Mikki... Gogo shook her. Shook her and for the first time in years began to cry. Shaking her and screaming at her to wake up. Until her mind finally denied no longer she wasn't going to. Which left the sobbing Mistress Yubari cradling her lifeless body in her arms... Until finally, a scream which began pressing inside welled up to life, and released itself to the world, echoing through out the vast house.

For hours she sat there crying, finally letting go of the stiffening corpse, and moving to the corner, staring out the window rocking back and forth in her seat. Eventually the tears stopped. They would never fall as water again. She swore revenge. A plan slowly blossomed in her shattered mind. And when the pink and orange of dawn began to stream through her windows she went downstairs quite composed. Cool to the world. The jeering of her peers were no longer in her mind. They were silent. She would make them pay. She would become the most feared assassin in the world if she had to. When she went down the steps she went immediately to her father's office. And poured over papers for hours looking for some hint of who did this. But it was in the form of a phone call that woke her from a slow encroaching drowsiness that she got her clue. It was a message from an American woman. She sounded frantic... but what words in the woman's English she understood were clear. A family name of a well known boss who made no secret of his dislike for her father. And the words "Get out of there now!". She went through more files and papers. Spent time at the library pouring over old newspaper articles and when the stars shone again she smiled in her misery. Her assumption was right. And she would bring them all down... just like they had done to her family. Just like to her Mikki. She realized in the back of her mind why they had killed Mikki that way. They thought it was her. A double edge to her sword. The world was nothing but crimson now. And it was with hardly any feeling that she had went to her home. Slept in an empty bedroom, packed in the morning, and went to school, keeping her things in her back pack.

That night she went to another side of town. The story of her family’s demise had finally hit the papers. But to her amusement... and she was sure to her enemies distaste there was some dispute about whether the corpse in her bed was really her or not. Let her Mikki be her for now. Let her be grandly buried in the fashion she deserved. Gogo would avenge her, and give her more honor in death than anyone ever could in life.

The hotel Gogo stayed in was close to her destinations. Every night for a month from a distance, she watched and monitored the routines of her adversaries. What areas were more monitored... which areas she could break into easily. And exactly one month after her family's death when the family and servants were safely in their beds she put her plan in action. She had brought in a back pack full of lighter fluid. Enough bottles to christen each room in the downstairs... and the staircase and hallway of the upstairs. When she was finished she paid the young three year twin boys a visit. They slept soundly in their beds. And just as was done to her little sister, a pillow peacefully sucked the breath out of them... and they died in their sleep. Children did not need to suffer as the rest of them did. They were not her enemy... but they would have grown up to be. She saved them in their innocence... killed them before they could become the predator.

But for the rest of this household a painful death was her desire, and the song she whispered in her dreams now. With everything still wonderfully wet she lit 3 matches. One at the back of the house. One at the stairway and one she lit just as she left. Walking away from the scene calmly as suddenly screams and shouts were being heard... sirens blaring, glass bursting, and the sky blackening, she smiled. But she had her revenge now. And she was dead inside otherwise.

The misery of their pain was a pleasure to her. But it also brought back the pain of her own. Which 2 blocks away from the subway that night made her drop to her knees begging for it to stop. The voices, the memories, the pain. No tears came from her eyes... only screams from her lips. Until finally she felt someone wrap their arms around her rocking form and lift her to her feet. In an American accent some one told her to come with them... and not looking, not caring she let her lead her. She kept walking... the things in her mind quieting slowly. Until finally in a park, she realized they had stopped and a group formed around them. She looked up to see a dark haired American woman in those bright robes from before coming to her. Without a hint of hesitation, the woman reached out and put a hand under Gogo's chin to lift her head up to the light. "We have been looking for you for many weeks now, Gogo Yubari."

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