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white fae

Gackt x Hyde: Spirits Love Score Chapter 2

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.09 at 00:09
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Disclaimer: Hyde and Gackt and Gackt Job belong to themselves and their respective affiliates. This story is being written for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made from this writing. The story is not meant to be considered a factual reflection on the sexual orientation or the subjects feelings on homosexuality. That said, no disrespect is intended to either party. Please do not sue me, I have no money and no jelly beans either. Quinn ate them all. >.> **Additional stuffs at the end of the chapter**

Author's Notes: AU, OCC-ness, and fluff. See the bottom of the each chapter for any author's extended notes.

Rating/Warnings: We'll start at PG-15 and work up to M (mature). Also note, the extended notes are long, and blunt about things you may or may not want to know (or already know).

Archiving: Guess what? See the end of it for info. :P

Spirits Love Score
Chapter 2

Several weeks passed and shooting started. Each fell into their parts easily. Almost too easily. Gackt's character who ruled the lands of eternal night and the creatures that went with it, beautiful and horrifying, was besotted with Hyde's who reigned over the lands of twilight, never night, never day, always dusk. Gackt's character was determined to win over Hyde's, at any cost. Hyde's was in love with a mortal woman, who rejects Hyde's character. Both men are enraged and jealous over their rejections and thus begin a song and dance that was both complicated and horrifying. It would eventually affect not only the spirit world but the mortal one as well. In the end the two fae become lovers, and thus save the two worlds from crossing over into the other permanently with no boundaries.

The two performers took turns coming to each other's house to study the script. In turn the two men drew closer together. The way they were before, and with this the old feelings they had came creeping back. At times, it led to awkward moments. They would catch the other just looking at them. They would sit and lean in closer to one another than they would with an ordinary "friend". Such acts made the staff of the film whisper about just how close they were.

It wasn't until they were 3 months in to the project that things started to get complicated. It all started with the new make-up girl and an unexpected visit.

The new girl was working on Hyde's make-up. She was extremely good, she was also exceptionally cute. He looked like a genuine ethereal being. He wanted to flirt with her, but for some reason his gaze kept going back to the closed door just down the way. Gackt was behind that door getting dressed. He gave up after a while and just let his focus settle on it. It seemed he felt like a part of him was missing when the other man wasn't around. It was like something was choking him and squeezing insides in a way that was uncomfortable enough to make him want to cry. He was on his mind constantly. He would wonder what he was doing, where he was... what dreams haunted his mind at night. Hyde was growing also strangely restless. When he dreamed at night, he would have dreams of a being that looked like Gackt in his current costume, only even more unearthly touching him. Whispering to him, soothing and alarming him at the same time. Then today when he woke up from the images in the night, he realized the being had actually made love to him, and more to his alarm, he had welcomed it/him into his arms. The memory made him twist in his seat unexpectedly causing the girl to let out an exclamation of combined surprise and disgust. He apologized with a flirtatious smile. She apparently immediately forgave him and returned it, making her face light up beautifully. The memory of the dream was making him also very aware of his body. He felt hot and cold at once, his heart seemed to be thundering, and an unwelcome tingling warmth was gripping him at his inner thighs... and in between them. He slyly crossed his legs and put a hand on his thigh... This was a mistake however, the feeling sent a jolt of arousal up and down his spine making him moan. This made the girl stop and raise an eyebrow with a slight upturned smile on her lips. Hyde returned the look innocently. He spent the rest of his time focused on her. It didn't help his... problem though. She would make lovely prize on any man's sheets. She put on the finishing touches and announced him to be done.

A few moments passed and Gackt came out somewhat disheveled and looking very much like someone in need of a morning coffee. The girl had been standing there waiting on him by the time he had made it out. Gackt looked over at him briefly and nodded with a genuine but still groggy smile. Then suddenly a sensation Hyde had never expected ran through him. He watched as suddenly all of Gackt's attention seemed to focus on the girl. He smiled, he flirted, he even caught him running his fingertips gently along her arm and hand making the girl give Gackt a shy but all the same welcoming smile for his attentions. He spoke to her as often as he could in a low and sensual voice, and she was definitely liking it. Hyde felt his fist tightening. A fire blazing in his chest and mind. The words, "how the hell could you do that...?" constantly going through his mind. He got out of the seat and stalked off shoving his hands in his pockets as he walked past the two, everyone staring at him and wondering at his sudden bad mood. When he managed to find unoccupied hallway he let a fist fly into the wall followed by a swift kick, which he repeated 3 more times before spinning around in defeat and sinking to the ground. What the hell am I doing, he thought to himself. What's wrong with me? Jealous over a girl?

No, jealous over the man, was the answer right back. All the other voice in his mind could retaliate with was, 'shut up!', because he couldn't lie to it anymore... It was over the man.


Gackt couldn't help noticing that Hyde seemed to be uptight with him all day long. He didn't seem to direct his bad temper at anyone but him. When he confronted him about it he just said, "nothin'", shoved his hands in his pockets and walked away, not to be seen for an hour. When it was time to go he decided it was time to ask a certain make up girl out for a night on the town. He needed the diversion. Lately, his mind was filled with only two things, work, Hyde, work and Hyde. When she came to the studio, she was a welcome sight. She was amusing enough, well mannered enough and had a special touch that not everyone could boast to. It wasn't something a lot of men would notice. He had made love and pleasure a form of art though early in his life having craved it, and still craved it like vampire does blood. She said yes without hesitation. Yet he ended up startled out of his wits when he looked up and over his shoulder as he felt someone's eyes on him. Hyde was leaning against the wall, arms crossed and if looks could kill... However, that wasn't the only thing that was literally freaking him out. Standing next to Hyde were two androgynous, spirit like people. In fact, they looked exactly like he and Hyde did when in costume... only the features that seemed to take hours to be completed to last detail were totally natural looking on them. Not to mention, a white aura seemed to flow around them along with the fact that the two seemed even more other-worldly than Gackt and Hyde could ever possibly hope to portray on film. They were also looking at him harshly. The one who resembled Hyde looked at his look-a-like and draped his arms around him, resting his head on the man's shoulder as if this would comfort him. Gackt's look a like looked at the woman briefly, then back at him, and in a voice that was beautiful and frightening said, "Tonight." He noticed the look in their eyes seemed to soften, as if they realized he was actually frightened. "Tonight..." the Hyde counter part whispered not as harshly, but still it was somewhat frightening to him. Then both "spirits" seemed to evaporate into thin air.

All this time Gackt merely stood there motionless except for his mouth which was working to chew nervously on his lower lip. It wasn't until they were gone that he realized he had been holding his breath. He shook his head and then realized the girl was trying to get his attention in alarm. He finally turned to look at her and gave her a forced smile, thinking up the first lie he could come up with for his strange behavior. He got her address and promised to pick her up around 7pm. Before he left he couldn't help letting his gaze drift back to the place where Hyde was standing. Still brooding, but no longer staring daggers at him. Instead his attention was focused on the floor. When he looked up and noticed Gackt coming towards him, he nodded at him and then left to go to his dressing room. The studio was all but empty now. Gackt took that moment to sit down in an obliging makeup chair. He had always seen spirits or whatever they were. But they were always of people he knew, or were members of his family, or just people he was associated with. Never anything like this. They never looked like him. They never seemed... THAT otherworldly.

"Tonight..." he repeated in a whisper, wondering exactly what this spirit meant by it.


Gackt tried to forget about the experience, but couldn't. He tried to think of every excuse in the world he could use to tell the girl he couldn't come. But what could he tell her? Sorry honey, I can't come because some type of beings not of this realm are going to be calling on me tonight? He was sure how well that would go over. Finally, he decided to just go. Maybe it was his imagination anyway. She managed to make him forget it all for the most part, and the night ended with a wild time underneath the sheets. They simply enjoyed one another, and it surprised him when she said she told him not to worry, she didn't expect it to mean anything. That both wounded him, yet relieved him. When it was all finished and done and she lay sleeping in his arms, as he was drifting off to sleep a sudden breeze passed through the room. The windows were not open though. There were no fans on. It was then that Gackt realized, what happened earlier was not his imagination. He looked up and saw across the room, sitting in a chair off to the corner facing the bed was his look-a-like.

"I'm glad you enjoyed her, but I think it's time you stop playing around child. Take pleasure from her body if you must for the time being, but stop being so, shall we say... untruthful to whom you would really rather have lying there..."

Gackt frowned, then his mouth began to open in confusion.

"Shea... your manners," came a voice behind him. Gackt turned over quickly and came face to face with who at first he thought was Hyde until his senses took in the whole person.

"Well, I doubted introductions were necessary. He knows us so well by now..." said the one called Shea in a sarcastic voice.

The being beside Gackt bowed his head for a moment then merely cocked his head to the side while staring back at his companion with eyes that were clearly ordering him to do something.

Shea huffed, and rolled his eyes getting up, then walked towards the naked man in the bed. He raised an eyebrow as Gackt noticed, that he seemed to be surveying every inch of his body that was left uncovered, making him feel uncomfortable. He seemed to realize this and with a quirk of a smile on his lips, "My apologies. It's just we fae can't help being drawn to the lushness of mortal skin. It does not shine with stardust as we do, but is still a work of art none the less." His hands then seemed to follow the contours of his chest in mid air as if he was touching him, "So, tantalizing..."

"Shea..." came voice full of anger and a little bit of spite next to him. When Gackt looked over he saw that the Hyde look a like's eyes actually seemed to be orange and red at once, glowing as if a fire was inside them burning away. He turned to the other Fae just in time to see him dip his head, and a look of apology pass along his features before he went back to looking at Gackt.

Gackt pulled the blanket about him a little tighter, swallowed the saliva that seemed to be collecting in his throat until that moment, and worked up the nerve to ask, "What exactly do you want?"

"We merely want to help you to be brought to the one your stars are aligned with."

Gackt blinked in confusion, "And just who might that be...?"

"Do you really need an answer to that question?" said the man sitting beside him.

Gackt snorted then started to laugh as if he thought something was completely absurd, then all at once he stopped the smile still on his face. Then disappearing as he remembered the woman lying next to him. He chanced a brief glance at her, but she was still fast asleep. He turned back and whispered, "You can't possibly mean Hyde can you? He's just... just..."

"What your fantasies have been centered around in some form for the last 5 years?" Shea answered for him, daring him to deny it.

"No one can force a person's heart..." Gackt said, "Besides even if I do want him he would never want to be with me that way. This is ridiculous."

The being next to him turned burning eyes on him, and it frightened him into silence, "Do not ever insult a Fae by saying something is ridiculous that they have told you. If it comes from a Fae, it means it is truth, else we should die in shame." The fire left his eyes once more, and his voice became sweeter again, "We can see straight into your hearts." He nodded towards the woman. "Lay with her all you wish tonight, but I can guarantee, if you will but stop denying your own heart, the person laying in her place will be Hyde."

"Suppose I do. I will not pursue him. I can not force him into that position."

"You won't need to, we'll draw you two so close together you'll never be torn apart again."

Again, a shot of laughter came from Gackt's lips, and a smile to his lips in disbelief, "How?" he dared to ask.

Shea raised an eyebrow and merely said, "We have ways..."

The two turned their faces to the window where behind the thick, dark curtain a spark of light from the sun was beginning to shine through. "Fairy time is almost over. We must go." Shea said, extending a hand to the other fae on the bed.

"Wait... He needs a taste." Then before Gackt could react the Fae seemed to lose his other-worldly appearance and become Hyde, as he did this, he leaned down over Gackt and gently, like dew on a leaf, left a kiss on his lips. A taste of something sweet that Gackt could not name or place was left on his lips. The Fae regained his true appearance, took his companion by the hand and began walking towards the curtained window.

"You are daring my Waitse... But hopefully the taste you will leave him will be for Hyde, not you..." Shea teased the other, making the other just snicker.

"As the poet truthfully wrote, 'what fools these mortals be..."

"Indeed..." Shea answered.

This whole exchange made Gackt feel very much like an outsider, and somewhat insulted and intrigued at once. "Wait," Gackt exclaimed louder than he meant to, making him look down at the woman resting next to him once more. She moved slightly but never woke. When he looked back up both Fae were slowly beginning to dissolve into the light. "Who are you?"

"The true fae you portray. You will see us at times Gackt, until your journeys are complete. Make love to the woman in your bed Gackt, she will comfort you until this night's experience no longer binds you in fear. We find no fault in that."

They were gone, leaving Gackt to just stare at the window in confusion, apprehension and intrigue. Did that really happen? He turned back over and took the woman beside him back into his arms. He kissed her shoulder absently, and clung to her as if to never let her go. The words, "we have ways..." seemed to frighten him. He didn't know much about Fae, but he knew he didn't want to piss them off.

* This chapter is not meant to imply women are pleasure units. But keep in mind I am trying to maintain masculinity of the characters to an extent, as well as the reputed regard "Fae" had for humans in mythology. The woman in this story, when she tells Gackt she did not expect anything to come from the whole thing, was my subtle way of me telling you she is declaring her sexual independence from him.

** Many thanks, cookies, cake and ice cream and anything you really like to eat or drink to those who have commented on this story thus far. I appreciate it a great deal. I hope this chapter isn't too weird or confusing for you.

***Random kudos to my cat Patches for scaring the shit out of me after I wrote out the scene where Gackt first sees his fae counterpart. Didn't realize how into this thing I was, nor how freaked out that part actually made me until then.

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