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white fae

Gackt x Hyde: Spirits Love Score Chapter 1

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.09 at 00:05
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Disclaimer: Hyde and Gackt and Gackt Job belong to themselves and their respective affiliates. This story is being written for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made from this writing. The story is not meant to be considered a factual reflection on the sexual orientation or the subjects feelings on homosexuality. That said, no disrespect is intended to either party. Please do not sue me, I have no money and no jelly beans either. Quinn ate them all. >.> **Additional stuffs at the end of the chapter**

Author's Notes: AU, OCC-ness, and fluff. See the bottom of the each chapter for any author's extended notes.

Rating/Warnings: We'll start at PG-15 and work up to M (mature). Also note, the extended notes are long, and blunt about things you may or may not want to know (or already know).

Archiving: Guess what? See the end of it for info. :P

Spirits Love Score
Chapter One

It had been five years since he last saw him. Five years since they had worked together, laughed together, spent any time together. He wondered if Hyde had been keeping track of the time too. It seemed unlikely; he was more of the care-free spirit type, yet he had depths hidden under the silent, smirking facade he showed to the world. But the fleeting fancy that maybe he had, and of seeing him again, made his insides twist in anticipation. Even nervous. It didn't show on his face. It was only betrayed by the occasional tremor of his hands, and by the habit he had of biting his nails when deep in thought. He looked out the window watching buildings and people fly by. They'd be there soon.

When this script came his way it intrigued him. Well, once he gave in to reading it. At the time he had no idea Hyde was being offered the role opposite him. All he knew was that it opened up a new set of ideas, and curiosity in his mind. In order to get the answers, he had to play the role and explore it. He noticed the scenery and sat back, resting his head with his eyes closed on the back of the seat.

Another block or so and they would be there...


Hyde was early - as usual. He had already said his morning ritual prayer, and had now turned to walking about the set to blow off steam, and wake himself up. It seemed he had wandered up and down the same corridors a million times already, and he was starting to get bored enough to nose around. Granted, he wouldn't go any where that wasn't open to him. He had too much respect for that. But say a half open door...? Or a door perhaps shut leaving only a sliver open to peek through...? In the course of this he had figured out where the janitor kept his supplies, where all the bathrooms were - on this floor anyway, and that looking into rooms on the opposite side of his dressing room was not a good idea, as that was where the ladies dress rooms were. He didn't hate the view he got, but he didn't like the idea of being a peeping tom. So, when that realization struck him, he quietly and respectfully backed off and went back the way he had come. But now walking up and down this same corridor was getting boring. Looking to his left he noticed an ajar door, and he slipped over to it. He looked around him innocently and casually pulled it open and peeked inside. He looked around with a smile on his lips. He had found one of their sets. It looked otherworldly in that darkness... the occasional shine of glitter on a made up tree trunk or artificial spiderwebs in the distance. In a month they would hopefully be recreating something similar on an outside set. But for now... it being the coldest month in winter - filming outside would not only be uncomfortable, but stupid.

He let his grasp on the door handle break free and he stepped back from it, hearing the door close with a click behind him. He stepped forward a step, shoved his hands in his pockets and spun around on his heel like a kid being silly. Well, he was, wasn't he? He looked down at the lines in the tiling. He stepped on one of the cracks and began following it, one foot in front of the other, heel to heel. He knew people had to be staring at him, but they hadn't been here with nothing to do for an hour and a half. More people were moving around him now, but he still kept his eyes focused on the line below him, looking up enough to know whether or not he was going to be running into a person or a pole or something.

He thought to himself as he continued his game. Gackt was coming - a dear friend. They had kept in touch via email. For the most part that was a haphazard business. When one wasn't touring or recording something, the other was. They hadn't seen each other since Moon Child.

He was distracted by his slow paced game, and rapid thought processes by a bustling of activity right in front of him. He somehow knew Gackt had arrived. So, it was no surprise to him when he seen the tall figure prancing down the hallway in a long leather jacket, red tinted sunglasses over his eyes, and the look of brooding tolerance on his face. Hyde mused over him for a moment. He looked older than he remembered, and his hair was different somehow. Hyde watched him as people were following Gackt in tow. They were running beside him, walking briskly ahead of him, or behind him... He had an earlier episode of this himself, when he first arrived. Most were body guards. Obviously they wanted to make sure the body they were guarding made it from point A to point B in one piece. The rest were staff on the set, some had to be star struck. He knew one from this morning was... she was in tears at seeing him. Fans reactions to him always surprised him on some level -especially when they reached any level of emotional extreme. He shook his head with a small, knowing smile planted on his face. No matter where he or Gackt went, this entourage - in some form or another- followed.

He watched as Gackt was conducted into a room off to his left, and couldn't help the wave of disappointment he felt when he realized Gackt hadn't even noticed he was there.


Hyde had goaded on him to no end for walking right past him when he had apparently been just 10 feet in front of him by the time he had entered the dressing rooms hallways. He knew Hyde understood why he hadn't noticed him. He knew it was hard to notice anything or anyone when being escorted like a damn treasure chest into a high security vault. He also couldn't help noticing the pouty lip when Hyde talked about it. Part of it was show, part of it Gackt couldn't help wondering if it was actually a genuine hurt on some level.

Now they were sitting side by side, listening to the main screenwriter and the director chatter on about stuff. He hadn't slept well, so he was feeling a little tempermental at the moment. He glanced at Hyde and noticed the concentrated look of patience and the leg that was ticking like it was tap dancing under the table. He was getting jittery and needed a cigarette break. Finally, they were told to consider the script itself by opening and discussing it openly with the rest of the table.

They were going to be portraying Fae. When both men were first told this by their managers they laughed, and turned it down. But at the insistence of both managers they took a copy of the script home with them. Hyde read it out of boredom one night. Gackt read it at You's insistence when he happened upon it one night when he stopped over.

You just kept saying as he read it over, not paying attention to Gackt reading another book entirely at the time, "it's really good; you should do this." He told him he'd think about it, and then after he left, since he was curious about what You was going on about, he regarded the script for a while without even opening it. Then with a display (even if it was just to himself) of reluctance he decided to read it if it happened to open without being touched by his hands. So, he used a pencil sitting next to a pile of could-be songs on his table to flip open the pages. He knew it was stupid, but he wanted to say he stuck to his guns on it.

Hyde was just sitting stretched out on his couch, the script laying in sight from the dining room table where he had laid it the week before. Books and magazines weren't doing it for him. TV was just at that stupid hour between programs, and his collection of movies didn't interest him at all at the moment. So, his eyes kept drifting back to the stack of binded white papers on the table. He got up, putting his hands in his pockets and went to it. He just spent a couple minutes staring at the title pages reading in big bold print Spirit Love Score, reading it over and over before shrugging and saying to himself, "what the hell..." and picked it up, taking it back to the couch with him.

Both became immersed in the world of magic, spirits, darkness and the very question of love and friendship itself. It made Hyde slightly uncomfortable however. He wasn't a homo-phobe, he just never could see himself becoming physical with another man. Or wanting to be involved with another man. He had never been attracted or drawn even remotely to another man, except once. Some would have considered it an infatuation, he considered it a deep affection that could be considered... physical to an extent. And that man that he was "attracted to" was sitting right next to him at the moment.

Each time he thought of that it made his fidgeting worse. He needed a cigarette. He needed things to go back to the way they were despite the roles they'd be playing... He suddenly remembered when he heard Gackt speak up about his character, what his father told him when he was a teen - everyone has a "gay" experience at least once, whether they realize it or not to some degree. He looked over at Gackt as he listened to him talk. No, he didn't like men - except this one.

Nothing big. Nothing lasting. Nothing he really wanted to admit to either.


"I never imagined you would take on this role. Being as closed minded about gay people as you are Haido. Weren't you the one who said you'd throw up if another man kissed you?" Gackt casually mentioned as the two walked outside on the roof of the studio where the filming was set up. Cold air bit at his cheeks as he vainly tried to light a cigarette.

Hyde took out his own box of cigarettes, then his lighter. He withdrew one of them and stuck it in his mouth, blindly searching for his pocket to put the box back in while juggling the lighter in the same hand. Succeeding finally, he partially covered the lighter with his hand to shield it from the wind and lit it, then walked two paces over to Gackt, bringing the flame to the tip of his partner's cigarette. "Well, it's just acting. Maybe it'll get me over my phobia." He nodded towards the lit cigarette in Gackt's hand. "I heard you were quitting, what happened?"

Gackt smirked, "Old habits die hard I guess. I don't do it as much though. Like once every couple of months the urge gets too strong. So, you know... Besides, you're not one to talk." He pointed to the other man's hand.

Hyde shrugged, planting an innocent smirk on his face in return, "I never said I was going to quit."

That got a genuine smile from the other man for an instant, as he threw the offending object of debate on the floor and ground it's remains into the cement. Both turned to walk over to the edge of the roof. Leaning against it, Hyde took a long draw on his cigarette then looked over at Gackt as he stared out at the lights below from the city. "So, black fae king, what do you really think of the role you're playing?"

Gackt gave him an amused smile. "Reminds me of Kazutaka Muraki to tell the truth. What about you? Mister white fae prince of the north? We have to do a sex scene you know." Gackt turned his piercing gaze on Hyde.

Hyde's eyes widened as his face flushed red for a moment as he looked away from the younger man. "Yeah, I know. I hope they plan to get that scene done first actually."

Gackt let out a laugh at that, "You're that anxious to get into my pants, are you?" He laughed again as he seen Hyde's mouth drop open and him turning to look at him with big eyes.

"Certainly not!" Hyde almost yelled. "It's just embarrassing is all!" Gackt continued laughing.

"You really do want to sleep with me, don't you?" Gackt teased reaching out to grab Hyde's arm as the smaller one backed up. Successfully grabbing him before he got too far, he pulled him towards his chest in a tight embrace, careful to keep the arm with the lit cigarette away from any contact with clothes. "Missed you. Should have kept in touch more." The smaller man was limp for a moment, then grasped Gackt by the arms and pulled out of it.

"Stop it man." He let a teasing smile grace his lips, yet his cheeks were still flushed red. "I mean, you never know. There may be some stalking fangirl up here that will write all kinds of pornographic fanfiction about us."

Gackt laughed and turned back around to face the city. "I think it's way too late to be worrying about that now Haido."

Hyde chuckled too, turning to face the city below as well. "True... very true."

Gackt turned to steal a glance at the other man noticing him shiver in the cold with just his light jacket on as he drew on his cigarette once more. He looked a little older. He still looked like the fallen angel he always thought he looked like before. He wondered for the millionth time since he decided to take on this project, how this "love scene" was going to play out. He knew there would be no romance in it... but he would be kissing this man. Have this man underneath him. Pretending to make love to him. He admitted to wanting to kiss him before years ago. It was, he hated to say, one of his deepest regrets and also one of his greatest triumphs of self control. Only You had known the one fact behind it when he told that reporter if Hyde had been a woman he would fall for him. You was the only other person on earth that knew he did. Gackt didn't think of it in the sense like he did a woman. But in a way it was like that. You seemed to understand that before Gackt did - it hurt him to see his best friend in grief and unable to be public about it any more than with that statement. Yet he never said a word about it unless Gackt brought it up. It took Gackt 3 years to just get over it enough so that Hyde was not always on his mind at some point. He knew he wasn't gay. He liked women waaaaay too much for that. He also didn't seem to be drawn to any other men. So, whatever it was... Hyde was the only man he loved like that. He was drawn to him in a way not even he understood. Now, looking at him standing there, the dim lights below lighting his features up like a dark angel of the night, he knew the feelings were still there. Still there... and his role in this film would be closest he would ever come to being with him. Gackt nodded, knowing that resolve, and looking back out over the horizon.

He didn't notice Hyde turning his head slightly and staring at him with eyes he wished he could have seen.

Author's Extended Notes: So, this story was kind of written like the two were playing themselves in a movie. You can blame this entire story's "fae" concept on the movie "Labyrinth". I had this vision one day of Gackt in a Jareth like role. Yeeeeah, I have either a mad genius mind or the unsolvable workings of an idiot. So, it doesn't pay to ask questions. >.> Also, the concept between the two's attraction in this story can be considered pansexual in nature.

Also, I apologize for any out of characterness, discrepancies, inaccurate assignments of quirks and habits and the like in this writing. I also probably should apologize for tending to lean towards Hyde for inner dialogue. Gackt is proving hard for me to write. x.x I think it's because on some level, that man scares me. +.+ (Which explains my attraction. >.> Yeah, I'm weird.) Anyway, while this story will imply sexual contact occurring it may or may not include complete descriptions. Basically, I hate to put it, when it comes to describing sex scenes, I reach my weak point. See this post if you're overwhelmingly curious as to why. As for who is seme and uke in this story in even the remotest sense, I want to let you know, the roles are not going to be isolated to either. Based upon actual gay relationships, they take turns. With the one who initiates the loveplay being the "seme" at the time, while the other receives the preferred position of "uke". This is not always the case... but you know. Also, there may or may not be the magically appearing lube container. We'll see.

Archiving: This story is to be archived on AdultFanfiction.Net, jadeafics (my fanfiction archive). Shared on gacktxhyde. Anywhere else, please get my permission first.

Did you get through all of that? o.o Wow.


annui at 2011-07-14 04:13 (UTC) (Link)
Woaah I would gladly be the fangirl following to the roof top :DD *don't we all?*

I liked how u described them, especially this part :
Hyde was the only man he
loved like that.

In my fangirly brain, I think the same. I've heard G said he couldn't think of having physical contact with men, but Hyde is exceptional, I just can feel it! And same thing goes for Hyde to Gackt. LOLOL *excuse my crazy mind XD*
Glad I'm not the only person who have this thought ;p

*runs to the next chapt*
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