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white fae

Gackt x Hyde: Spirits Love Score Chapter 04

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2009.01.11 at 22:48
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Disclaimer/Notes: Hyde and Gackt and Gackt Job belong to themselves and their respective affiliates. This story is being written for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made from this writing. Please do not sue me, I have no money and no jelly beans either. Quinn ate them all. :P Expect Schizo like atmospheres.

Spirits Love Score
Chapter Four

Two months past and Gackt hadn't been haunted by Faes except on occasion when they'd just turn up to let him know they were still interested in his love life. They spent their time encouraging him. Hyde and he were growing closer. The kiss had opened up a realm of intimacy. Nothing like what each man's desire was actually hoping it would lead to, but touching and being just generally close to one another became less awkward. Hyde had attempted to talk to someone about this interesting little new development in his emotions for a friend. Namely, You. He sat and listened to Hyde talk for well over an hour without speaking hardly 5 words, then advised him to look up the different sexualities and forms of relationships on the internet. He was told this wasn't exactly unknown to happen - namely, two men who are otherwise attracted to women becoming so close that they become attracted to one another and become lovers. After that he told him, not to worry about how he feels and just "go with the flow. You're not able to change your destiny in some things, so, don't be afraid to face it head on." That wasn't too much help to Hyde, until he thought about it for over a week, then decided it was the best thing to follow and he was right. They fell together in an unbelievably compatible and comfortable pattern.

Gackt couldn't help noticing that he seemed to feel more "whole", for lack of better word, when he was simply in the same building with Hyde. He noticed a horrid aching feeling that he only had when Hyde wasn't around. He had fallen in love before. He knew Hyde had been in love before... but this was a different scale all together. It was like being with another part of himself that he never knew was missing until now. Being sexual with Hyde had passed into his thoughts, but at the same time he found it didn't matter so much as long as he seen the other man was happy. The same seemed to be true of Hyde's attitude towards him... Problem was that they both became oddly possessive when a person of the opposite sex started to grab the attention of the one of the men. The other problem was that when this happened neither one wanted to admit it, nor admit to a connection neither could name or place either. The ultimate problem was, neither knew the other was in love with the other nor even realized they were in love as individuals either.

Many nights Gackt had actually taken the vial of clear, starry liquid out and held it up to the light. It's tempting promise and wondering exactly what would become of Hyde if he used it. Then he remembered his own vow. Every time he remembered it, he waited for the two Fae to show up randomly. But they never did. This made him a little timid about everything. How did he not know that this all was just a result of their trickery? Every legend he knew of the Fae realm centered around some type of mischief.

Then they decided to start taking matters in their own hands again...


Gackt had just gone over the next scene's lines for about 3 hours. It was the scene he had been waiting on for months now. He was facing it now in a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. The sex scene. Now there was nothing romantic about doing sex scenes. The fact that there's a camera and a million and half people watching you do it made it next to impossible to get any real enjoyment out of these things. They were more tiring and embarrassing to an extent. Finally, with a sigh he laid the script aside and went to bed after showering. He lay there for what seemed an eternity before he decided to try and actually clear his mind to sleep. It wasn't working. His mind kept going straight to the fact that in 2 weeks time he would be touching Hyde, kissing him and rubbing against him - naked, and starting tomorrow they had to start rehearsing for it. As a result, the knowledge was making his body respond to an extent. He raised a fist and slammed it down as hard as he could into the mattress. His throat let a growley sound escape before he turned on his side and closed his eyes. He forced his body to relax. He was slowly starting to drift off when he was awakened by a fleeting touch along his spine. It jolted him awake, then he let his mind process the possibilities for this, and he forced himself to relax with a roll of his eyes as he turned on his back looking up at the ceiling.

He draped an arm over his head as he spoke, "I wondered when you would show up again." He looked over at the Fae laying beside him with a soft, mischievous smile on his face. Moonlight danced in the strands of Waitse's hair, the eyes sparkled like stars, but the face was so much like Hyde's, his senses were fooled and began picking up where they left off with their annoying carnal needs. Gackt looked around briefly for Shea. He found him no where in the room. With a suspicious look he turned back to the Fae who was pulling himself up enough to rest his head on his hand and arm. "Where's the other one?"

The smile on the Fae's face widened, "Giving your lover a nice dream."

"My lover?" Gackt repeated the phrase with a hint of confusion in his voice.

"Don't tell me after all this time, you have no idea who I am referring to." The Fae sat all the way up, "I'm here to let you know that we're going to have to help you speed things up, and not to interfere this time. Your time is almost up, and the eclipse will be soon. If you two do not begin to share a bed by then, you'll be forever divided."

"What?" Gackt looked at him confused and a little concerned.

The Fae gave him a sly look, then leaned down and slid himself partially on top of Gackt, laying a single finger on his lips to hush him, "Don't worry about it. We'll do what we can, and hopefully the man you're in love with will be with you before the red moon comes." Gackt opened his mouth to say something, but the Fae leaned down and laid a deep kiss on his lips, while his hand drifted low beneath the sheets to touch him in the very way his body was crying for by now. It caused Gackt to gasp in his mouth then lay there hopelessly limp until the Fae finished kissing him. As he lifted himself off of the mortal beneath him he gave him a pouty look. "Pity... I do wish I could do more than that. Sweet dreams Gackt."

Gackt merely continued to lay there as he watched the Fae disappear with a snap of his fingers, then several moments after wards. The hot feeling lingering on his lips and body. All at once it seemed to hit him, that they were going to be "helping again" and he was also now so worked up that he'd never get any sleep this night.

"Goddammit!!", he screamed into the dark room, then proceeded to get up and go to his dojo to hopefully work off some of the frustration.


Gackt was staring at him very hard from across the table. The dark circles under his eyes betrayed the fact that he had apparently not slept at all. Hyde couldn't help the fact that his mind kept drifting off into the world of fantasy and dreams everytime he looked at the younger man. Not to mention being somewhat nervous about the upcoming scenes made him go off into it even more. Maybe the script was getting to him? Maybe it was all becoming just too influential over his thoughts. When he thought about sex with a man - even Gackt, he tried imagining himself doing the things he knew same sex couples did to pleasure one another and he was ok with the kissing and touching... just nothing that involved lower manly assets. But if making love to a man was like it was in the dream he had of Gackt last night, he might be able to handle it. Neither entered the other; they also didn't do anything oral. He didn't know what was happening to him exactly. He also wasn't sure if he liked it either. He had looked up different sexualities online as You had suggested. It did yield some things that held true. He twisted a little bit in his spot as he was starting to feel an inclination of something that made him even more uneasy. He didn't want to name it. If he had to name it, then that meant he had to face it. He wasn't ready for that.

He sighed and turned around turning the TV on. A commerical with Oishi Megumi came on. For some reason, every time he seen her he couldn't take his eyes off of her. It briefly cleared his mind of thoughts of hot nights with Gackt. When it was over he couldn't help thinking on the fact that he'd give anything to have her around to clear up his head all the time. He had met her before, just they never talked much. His thoughts turned back to Gackt in a concluding thought that left him both resolute and a little depressed. Even if he want Gackt in a sexual way, and at times had thought of what it would be like living together, he couldn't imagine Gackt wanting either of those things. He wasn't even probably jealous over the infatuated looks he gave Megumi as he watched her flutter across the screen.

If he had turned around again at that instant he would have seen he was wrong. Gackt flinched at seeing his face. The Fae's words came to his mind: "Your time is almost up, and the eclipse will be soon. If you two do not begin to share a bed by then, you'll be forever divided."

As if on cue they both popped in, sitting on either side of him. Both turned to look at him at once. He merely looked over at Waitse. Shea raised an eyebrow. He turned back to the commerical, and knew his face was turning red and his fists were clenching.

Shea put an arm around him as Waitse spoke, "Your rival, yes. If you two are not in each other's embrace by the eclipse, he will belong to her. You can't share. But you can't hate her. She knows nothing of her potential destiny. You will live and die alone if she is with him. She on the other hand will marry another and be perfectly happy if she is not with him. You on the other hand - will be perfectly miserable if he is not yours, and perfectly happy if he is."

"With all due respect, you saw him first." Shea said bitterly.

Gackt merely shot him a look clearly telling him to shut up, and looked back up at the TV then the back of the head of the man staring at it in thought.

Waiste got up and put a hand on his lovers shoulder, looking down at Gackt, "Come away my love. Come away. He needs to be left alone." Both disappeared.

Hyde heard Gackt's chair scooting back, and he turned around to look at him, "Heading back?" Gackt only looked up at him briefly, as if he someone had just slapped him, or that he was overwhelmingly exhausted and merely nodded in respose. He grabbed the copy of the script that was his laying on the table, turned around and went outside the doorway without even a look back.

Hyde chewed on his lower lip for a moment. He looked at his own copy of the script, and regarded the title for a moment. He didn't know why but he knew he had to find him. He had to find out what was wrong. Maybe the script was getting to him too. He stood grabbing his script. He just hoped that his.... fascination with him hadn't made him uncomfortable. There was only one way to find out... right?


"What's the matter?"

The question was like a shot in the chest. Too many things swirling around in his head. The looming Fae presence not helping. What's the matter? He was jealous of his buddy liking a girl that he liked too. Only it wasn't jealousy over the girl, jealousy over him. His mind raised a familiar question: What if these crazy fairies were just toying with them. Having more fun with him because he could see them. Toying with his emotions because they always were a bit past friendship for Hyde. Where the fuck was that make-up girl?

"Just a lot on my mind is all," was the best reply Gackt came up with.

Hyde merely nodded and continued to stare at him. He could tell what those eyes meant. 'If you wanna talk... spit it out.' Instead of saying that, he said, "Do you want me to come over Thursday night? We can drink a little and go over this insane scene they want us to do a bit."

Gackt couldn't help the twitch of an eyebrow he raised as he looked back at him. "You... you do realize what the scene is about right?"

Hyde looked away and shuffled in place for a moment, then looking at the floor and pretending to pick at a hang nail replied, "Yeah. But..." he looked up with a glow and a smirk, "but as long as it's with you, it's ok. It's just make believe you know."

Gackt knew the his face reflected a small amount of disappointment. The beating of his heart slowed down, and giant wave of anxiety was overtaking him, "Yeah. I know."

Hyde nodded, and moved forward and walking past him saying, "I'll see you tonight then."

Gackt closed his eyes tight, nodding without turning. There. He had it straight from the horse's mouth. He repeated, "It's only make believe." He ran a hand through his hair in frustration, "For the first time in my life, I feel like quitting."


A familiar flowery scent in his room let Gackt know the damn fairies were back again. He slammed the book he was trying to read down hard on the coffee table and spung around to look at his unwelcome guest(s). He jumped back when he seen the face was not one he was familiar with. "Who the hell are you?"

The Fae merely raised an eyebrow, and his mouth tightened in disapproval. "In answer to your question that you expressed in such a derogatory manner, I am Oberon, King of the Fairies and Shadows."

Gackt rolled his eyes, and looked away with the thought of how irritating this was, and wondering if he was here to put the icing on this already lopsided cake.

"I am here to answer some of your questions, and to show you what Waitse and Shea are failing to show you regarding Megumi."

That got his attention and he couldn't help looking over at him, "The answer is yes, your stars are destined. But so is his star with Megumi. Yes, he does have feelings for you, but he is drawn to her as much as you. Yes, love and happiness with another will only be fleeting for you if he does not join your bedside by the next eclipse. Last of all, a part of both of you will die if this is not achieved. But can you live with the idea of what your union will cause not to occur?"

Gackt listened intently... half untrusting, and half hoping he wasn't playing with like the others. The last part made him lean forward in his seat then stand up, "What do you mean?"

Oberon waved a hand and suddenly the world faded and both found themselves standing near a lake of water. Gackt couldn't tell where he was. He looked around and only saw trees behind him, and the water and the moon ahead of him. "I have brought you where no mortal has dwelt in over 700 years... our land just for this moment. For this vision. You well know that mirrors do not lie Gackt.... Water is a type of mirror for us. Now look into it if you really wish to know what I speak of."

Gackt apprehensively stepped forward and leaned over the lapping waves, seeing only his face for a moment then it faded out, and he seen Hyde with Megumi. They were happy. Smiling. Then Hyde leaned down as he turned around towards something or someone. Running up to him was a little girl.

"This life will not come into being if Hyde chooses you as his companion."

Gackt stepped back looking at the Fae with thoughtful eyes. His mind was going a million places at once.

"If he chooses her, this young girl will be born. You and he will remain friends... after a fashion. But you will have lost him, and you will live out your long years alone. There is to consider," Oberon walked around Gackt and stopped on the other side of him as Gackt followed his movements, "a mortal love, a mortal life in itself is fleeting. Even your happiness with him will be gone eventually. So, what will it be to you? Are you willing to choose the fleeting happiness of one person, or the love of many for several years? Oh yes, you will have love, but they will leave you... until you are content to be left alone. The question for you is, are you willing to give him up if he chooses her?"

"You keeps saying if he chooses. If the decision is Hyde's then why bother me with it?" Gackt shot back.

"Because you have to answer if you love him enough to sacrifice your own happiness forever for the sake of his." Oberon said opening his hands as if to say, 'that's merely all it is'. "There is a vial of star essence in your possession. You have the means to make him yours. But if you choose that path, remember that little girl will never even have been given the chance she deserves." Then Oberon waved his hand once again and the scenery became his living room again.

Gackt was shaking, both from the chill of the night and from the experience itself. He ran to his room, as if it would make the phantoms of the night disappear. The scent of the Fae was in his room as well, and the physical evidence was the vial of stardust sitting out in plain sight on his dresser. It gleamed enticingly. But all it did was make Gackt break down into tears.


Extended Author Notes: It's sad. This chapter actually took me 3+ weeks to write. My apologies, this chapter is probably not what everyone was hoping for. My excuses: This chapter hated me.

Add in the fact that I was looking up "deep fried cheesecake" recipes and came along this: Urban Dictionary: fried cheesecake Jun 19, 2008 ... fried cheesecake - 1 definition - an orgasm in ones mouth.

So, true if you like cheesecake.

* Shakespere's dead. So, I can borrow his king for little while... Just the name; I suck at naming people.

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