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white fae

GacktxHyde: Spirits Love Score 03

Posted by moonofmorrigan on 2008.12.27 at 01:59
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Disclaimer/Notes: Hyde and Gackt and Gackt Job belong to themselves and their respective affiliates. This story is being written for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made from this writing. Please do not sue me. I have no money and no jelly beans either. Quinn ate them all. :P Expect Schizo like atmospheres.

Spirits Love Score
Chapter Three

Gackt could feel eyes upon him. Having ignored this sensation for well over 10 minutes he couldn't resist the urge of lowering the newspaper he was pretending to be engrossed in just enough to peek over it. He had to keep himself from letting out an "eep" noise when his eyes met a rather piercing gaze from Hyde.

"Morning," came the voice that went with the eyes in a mixture of both frustration and accusation.

Gackt nodded and folded up the newspaper looking at the other man out of the corner of his eye.

"So, how was it?" Hyde asked raising an eyebrow. It seemed as if he was daring Gackt to deny anything really happened between him and the woman.

Gackt twisted in his seat a little, a strange mixture of memories clouding his thoughts. His night with the woman, and of course the midnight visitors. Waitse's taste coming back to him, which left him involunatarily licking his bottom lip. Hyde raised his eyebrow again. "It was... nice. A little strange, but nice."

That got a different look from his counterpart - confusion. "Strange?"

Gackt cleared his throat, "Yeah, I don't want to talk about it Haido."

The perplexed look grew even deeper and Gackt stood, looking about him briefly, searching for anything to say. Some idea of what to do. The thoughts of the Faes words haunted him, so, he decided to try his luck. He wasn't sure how this would go, since he could tell Hyde was a little perturbed with him still. "Um.... listen. You want to go out and get some drinks tonight or something? You know catch up a bit more?"

Hyde seemed to be taken aback by this invitation and before he knew what he was doing he was smiling and nodding yes.

"All right... I'll see you about 9 at The Shack," and for some reason he felt the need to hightail it the hell out of there. Once outside the room he couldn't help pausing, and taking several heavy breaths. "It's just drinks with a friend.... that's all." He sighed banging his fist on the door in resignation, "Oh fuck it, you know I want it to be more than that."

"Nice revelation." came a voice similar to his own behind him. Gackt jumped he thought about 10 feet in the air. He swung around to come face to face with Shea. It was an odd feeling peering into the face of someone who looked just like you. It was also peculiar to look in his eyes. They glowed and seemed to hold a secret no one else could name. "At least one of you two is out of the denial stage."

"I never did deny it... exactly. I just need a woman... sexually." Gackt defended knowing it was coming out lame.

"Right, and mister I-used-to-be-a-host, there are different ways to make love to someone... even of the same sex." Shea said with an all-knowing look.

"Oh and I suppose you're going to be there to tell me how to fuck him." Gackt snarled, daringly closing the personal space between him and the Fae and getting right up in his face. "It's just drinks with an old friend. That's it."

"Indeed, pity that. I personally think you should have thought of some place more intimate." Gackt jumped again at the sound of Waitse's voice.

He turned to see the Hyde look a like giving him the same accusing stare Hyde had. Gackt's hands balled in to fists as he shoved past the smaller Fae... "Will you two stop doing that... I have to go anyway. I must look like a complete psycho standing here talking to you two," he grumbled as he passed. Waitse merely smirked and Shea just crossed his arms over his chest with a knowing smile. The two exchanged a look between themselves, raised a hand and with simple snap of the fingers vanished leaving only the scent of roses and lilac in their place.


Hyde was smiling even after the other man left the room - like when a woman says yes to a date - then it hit him. He was still acting like a possessive little teenager whose girlfriend was flirting with one of his friends, and now reassured him he was the only one for her. He felt so aggravated by this knowledge. Then he lifted his chin up with effort remembering he was going to be meeting him tonight. Tonight he could put whatever weird feelings he had for Gackt in place. He knew everyone had feelings for their close friends and sometimes it got... confusing. He stood and couldn't help the twitch he gave when he thought... just not this type of confused.

He walked out to the make up area, seeing Gackt off in a corner. It was like his gaze could automatically find him no matter where he was in the vicinity. He noticed his jaw was set, his hands going up to his mouth to bite his nails. Something was bothering him. But lord knew if he'd talk to anyone about it. Then the two's eyes met. It was a familiar but strange sensation to both... Both men's faces lit up at the sight then both seemed to shrink back. Hyde grimaced, and ran back out realizing his heart was beating faster. The fluttery feeling in his stomach was there. That simple "drawn to" state was upon him.

"No, no, no." He came to an empty hallway and screamed out, "I AM NOT GAY!" Quickly, he looked around to see if anyone had stopped to find the source of the outburst. Finding none he tugged at his collar and the bottom of his shirt, and smoothed his hand over his hair. "I am not gay."

Then with purpose, he strode back to the make up room.


There was a noticeable tension in the air when the two met outside the club. Hyde couldn't help laughing in Gackt's face when he saw his "disguise". A mustache and a goatee, no contacts and he recognized that shirt from 5 years prior. The ripped up jeans were a nice touch too.

"I think I overdressed." he remarked, opening his suit jacket a little as if flashing to world. "Do you really believe no one will recognize you like that?"

"No..." was the answer as the man shoved his hands in his pockets and strode to the door opening it with purpose, "That's why they're coming too." He threw a quick pointed finger to the back of him and Hyde noticed the bodyguards who had long accompanied Gackt on his outer excursions before. Gackt went inside as the other man just rolled his eyes and followed.

They found a table in the back and waited for a waitress to come around and serve them. The bodyguards grabbed a spot two tables away.

"I'm not sure I'll ever get used to them staring over here constantly." Hyde grumbled, looking at the two.

"Well, who'd you bring to protect your little scrawny butt from whatever stalker-y person is going to come latching on to you?" Gackt asked pointedly with raised eyebrows leaning forward. Silence as Hyde tried to think of a reason for coming alone. Gackt nodded after a moment, "Ah-huh. I thought so."

Before he could shoot a comment back the waitress came. Both could see the excited recognition on her face but she kept cool about it and went through the process like they were normal customers to their relief.

They ordered and all was going well until Hyde had to get up to go to the restroom. Gackt watched his retreating back with a small amount of anguish, but nearly jumped out of his skin, then wanted to throw punches when he turned back around to see the 2 Fae sitting there casually. Shea with one arm slung over his chair looking around him at the mortals drinking and dancing around him, and Waitse with his head resting on his hand sleepily looking at Hyde's drink.

"I could easily fix this." Waitse commented staring into the cocktail's depths.

Shea merely smirked, and looked at Gackt. Gackt pursed his lips together refusing to speak. Shea chuckled. "Going to pretend you can't see us, I see. How utterly - human." Gackt's eyes narrowed in irritation and he picked up his drink, took a long draft on it and slammed it down on the table. He beckoned the waitress over and asked for another.

"Careful my little pet. You know how you are when you drink." Waitse teased. Gackt looked around him purposely avoiding eye contact with the two.

"First comes the laughing." replied Shea.

"Then the crying." remarked Waitse.

"Last comes the fighting." both said together. Gackt turned and shot them both a baleful look at this comment.

He leaned forward and whispered, "What are you two doing here?" Both cocked their heads to the side at the same time, then smiled just as Hyde came back, and the waitress put Gackt's next drink on the table.

"Helping." chimed both in unison.

Gackt gave the two a suspicious look, muttering, "Oh no." under his breath.

"Is there something wrong?" Hyde asked watching Gackt's odd behavior.

He snapped to attention. " No, no, no. I just was thinking about... something."

Hyde just nodded in tolerant "I think you're nuts" understanding. He tipped his drink up and finished it in one swallow. The waitress came up a couple minutes later with a second drink for Hyde. He hadn't even asked for it. He thanked her with a smile, then looked around him at the people going to and fro about them since his companion had fallen silent. Gackt twisted in his seat, then unable to take it anymore stood up, "Bathroom."

Hyde nodded with quirky grin. He noticed a young woman in a blue dress sitting off to the corner opposite them. Then the familiar feeling of attraction hit him again. He smiled at it. Yep, not gay at all. Problem was he was feeling the same thing every time he looked at Gackt. He summarized it was the booze. At least he was hoping it was. He let himself briefly wonder what it would be like to have sex with a man. He was able to get through all of it until he came to the lower regions. Then the idea of it just made him exceedingly uncomfortable. He was still contemplating this when Gackt came back, for some reason eyes shooting daggers to the empty chair next to him.

"Well, you could always just go back to your place. Light some candles and read the script together." Shea said nonchalantly. "This, " he gestured around them, "is getting you no where."

They all sat in silence for a moment. Finally, Waitse snapped his fingers and a vial appeared out of nowhere. "That's it. I'm going to do it."

Gackt's eyes widened as he watched the Fae uncork the vial and pour a clear liquid into Hyde's glass. He silently mouthed, "what is that?"

"Just a little something to get the mood going. A simple but potent lust potion." Gackt's mouth dropped open and he found himself launching forward, grabbing the glass and throwing it on the floor with a clang as Hyde went to take a drink. "Don't!" he yelped.

"What the hell?!"Hyde yelled back standing up. "Are you going crazy or something?"

Gackt shrunk back a little in his chair looking away. "No... it... it had a bug in it." He shot a glance at Waitse, who merely raised an accusing eyebrow at him.

Hyde continued to stare down at him as if he was insane. "A bug?" He watched Gackt look back up at him with innocent eyes. He shook his head, "Look Gackt, I don't know what is going on with you right now, but I'm going to go back to my car to get the script. When I come back, I want you to be back to normal. OK? You're acting like a fucking psycho." Then he stalked off with his hands in his pockets.

Gackt looked heavenward and defeated found his head going to the table.

"You should have let him drink it. We're tired of maneuvering things to get it all to work." Waitse said irritably.

"Well, he is just a human. They never know when to let magic be used and when it shouldn't be." Shea answered, snapping his fingers and a duplicate vial appearing in thin air.

Gackt's head came up and he ran his hands down his face as if to wipe away the hopeless look on it. He held his hands out in a pleading gesture, "Look, I really appreciate it. But if you really, really wanted to help me... you'd go away."

Shea chuckled, and handed the vial over to Gackt. "As you wish... but keep this. Don't be afraid to use it. After all, it only kindles lust in someone who already has it for you. If Hyde really doesn't want to have anything to do with you in the bedroom, then it will simply kindle a fire for someone he does. Though I think you will find he does have a flame for you."

Waitse held up his fingers to indicate a size, "Just a small one." He smirked and then both in unison snapped their fingers and disappeared.

Gackt sighed in relief, then looked at the vial. He held it up to the light seeing it sparkle like a star. He shook his head and tucked it away in a pocket. "No, if this is going to be, it won't have anything to do with magic potions or anything out of ordinary." Then he let his mind wander. "Sex with a man?" his eyebrow raised as he tried to think about it, then he shrugged it off as the other man came back with the script in hand.


They had tried to go over the script some more together, but it didn't work. They kept getting distracted by either people beginning to recognize them or just the noise in general. Finally, Hyde said he knew someplace outside they could go where it would be quiet. Then like two teens sneaking off into the night they made a run for it. Hyde led them to an apartment building's rooftop. The cold night air bit at them, but the view was worth it. The city was alight below, the recent snow making it brighter and even more spectacular. They stared below for what seemed an eternity in silent reverie, dragging on a single cigarette between the two of them, not noticing the intimacy of sharing one, before turning to the script.

They were at a turning point in it. The part where the Dark Fae King of the East begins to win over his lover and they begin to share more enticing moments. The director knew both men seemed a bit nervous over these scenes and the grandest one of all - the sex scene - so he had been putting it off. But they were the only ones left now. He informed them they had to start getting more "comfortable" with the idea, and just to throw the bone at them... the scene they were to rehearse was the Faes first kiss.

They read over the lines a couple of times to themselves, then Hyde announced he was ready. It startled Gackt who was sure he'd be the first to announce it. But he kept being drawn to one simple line in the script. Nothing spoken, the action. 'They share a long, passionate kiss.' He already knew the other lines. He knew them before he had even come on to the set. Being a sensual person by nature, the more sensual scenes he had memorized already. But now being faced with it, especially with 2 real Fae on his tail telling him to pretty much shake him, break him, and make him because of the whole stars fated to be together thing... added a bit of pressure.

They rehearsed for a couple of minutes, then Hyde threw the script down in disgust. "I can't."

"What?" Gackt asked, automatically going to where he figured the problem lied in the scene. It sent a wave of disappointment through him. "Does my breath smell like onions or something?"

"No... it's just... I'm," he looked up at Gackt with uncomfortable eyes, "I'm cold. I'm so fucking cold out here!"

Gackt let out a sigh of relief and a little bit of 'oh for heaven's sake' mixed in. He crossed the few steps of personal space between them and pulled Hyde into an embrace, rubbing his back and arms to stimulate warmth.

"Thanks." Hyde said shyly, then looked up at the taller man. "Maybe we should get it over with."

"Huh?" Gackt's eyebrows came together in confusion.

"Just look at me like you're in love with me." Hyde said in a small voice.

Gackt's eyes shot around him to see if the two Fae were watching or playing with them again. But not seeing them anywhere he looked back down, and didn't find it too hard to look at the smaller man in the requested way. "Just remember it is only make believe."

Gackt's mouth dropped open slightly and he knew his eyes betrayed disappointment, rejection and a hint of resentment. Then all at once he felt a hand reach around the back of his neck, pulling him down and then Hyde's lips on his. It took him a moment to register this, and he let his eyes glance at the man who was sucking at his lip, and trying to probe his mouth with his tongue. He found his eyes closed and a look of pure... desire for lack of a better word was on his face. If this was make believe... damn... he was good. His eyes closed. His mouth parted and the taste of the older man filled his senses. He couldn't help noticing, the taste was familiar. The taste was something sweet that he could not name or place.

The kiss broke and Hyde found the look on Gackt's face exactly that of a man in love and want. He pulled away and began walking away. "I think we should stop for the night. We can go over this later. Not on camera until next week anyway." He raised a hand in farewell. "Later!"

Hyde couldn't help noticing the confused, hurt look on Gackt's face and how his hand seemed to wander to his pocket and he seemed to finger something in it. But that look had to be nothing compared to his own. He had to run away... He liked women. He liked WOMEN. He... he... needed to talk to someone about this. He stopped inside the hallway just beside the door to the roof his hand touching his lips. He could still taste and feel Gackt's lips on his own. There was longing in his veins. Pounding and surging strong in his blood. This was only the drinks, right? The script, right? It was only make believe... right?

**Author's Extended Notes: Um, the next chapter will be the last chapter. Due to length it will have 5 chapters total, unlike the 4 originally planned. I also decided that I won't be releasing this on the gacktxhyde comm until the last chapter is written. So, I guess those here get the preview? Sorry if this came out confusing.

Archiving: This story is to be archived on AdultFanfiction.Net, jadeafics. Shared on gacktxhyde and my LJ Gackt fanfiction community gacktfanfiction. Anywhere else, please get my permission first.

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